10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

December 28, 2013Entertainment, Gifts, Technology

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 10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


The winter holidays have started, it is indeed the best time of the year for the holiday shoppers. We all tend to rush to our favorite stores to buy the latest and cool electronic gadgets of the year. With the smartphones, IPods, tablets and game consoles becoming the hot favorites of the year. There have been some amazing new additions to the entertainment gadgets this time. It is expected to be a very good sales time for Apple and Samsung who have loaded the market with their cool electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets are fun to use as well as they have extreme functionality jam-packed in a teeny device. Most of us today rely heavily on the electronic gadgets we carry, for remembering addresses and important meetings, for taking notes, for listening to our favorite tunes, for blogging and even for teaching our young ones the basics of learning.

There are almost innumerable types and trends of cool electronic gadgets you can choose from, depending upon your taste and requirements. Here is a list of the cool electronic gadgets you must possess. All these gadgets are available on e-stores and you can get their Amazon Promo Codes, eBay Coupons, Kmart Coupons and Target Promo Codes on the internet.


IPhone 5S

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


For all the smart phone users this new sweetheart by apple is totally irresistible. Especially the iPhone lovers will adore this new series. The gold and silver cases are so lusty that anyone would fall for them just by having a mere look. Grab your Target promo code now to get handsome discounts of more than 30%. IPhone 5 has really shown the world the true meaning of innovation, sold at $ 734.80 . The sleek and sexy design makes this gadget a must-have for smartphone users.


Samsung/LG Curved OLED TV


10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


Does your living room need a replacement for the old television? To get an experience of IMAX cinema lounge, hurry to purchase this 55 inch OLED display by either Samsung or LG now displayed at $8,999 and remember to use your eBay coupon  to grab this must-have gadget on a discounted price. The screen is curved that adds to the beauty of the product. This amazing new series is a perfect fit for those who look for elegance fused with functionality in a same place.


Olympus camera

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Olympus camera ($109.99) is among the coolest electronic gadgets as it stands out among all the other competitors. It has 17 mm lens and captures awesome digital shots. The surprise is that this camera comes with Wi-Fi option in it. You may take it along next time you go sightseeing or on a family holiday. Avail your eBay coupon now to save you up to 45% of the initial price on this undeniably amazing gadget.


Gadget battery charger

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

It is a must-have for people who have a tight schedule and never get time to charge their cellphones, PSPs, IPods, music players and other electronic devices. You can wrap this around your wrist like a band and it will automatically give an alarm if it goes low on battery. With only $35.99, you can buy such cool electronic gadgets at Kmart and get Kmart coupons to save even more money.


Portable Air Purifier and Ionizer

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


This amazing gadget provides you a stress-free environment and lets your mind relax by putting the negative ions in the air surrounding your head. The ion cloud is extended to almost three feet and prevents the bacteria, pollens, pollution and dust particles from reaching you. As people tend to catch flu and fever easily, it is advisable to keep wearing this super light gadget to keep you safe and healthy. You can as well find the eBay coupon for the air ionizer and purifier ($33.99) on this site with free shipping.


My Kindle

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


The publishing industry needs to worry about its declining sales as the electronic book-readers overtake them. These super-awesome e-readers have become every reader’s favorite as they are portable, easy to carry around, light weight, cause no eyestrain and yet fun to operate. You do not have to worry about carrying large piles of books along wherever you go. You can simply download as many books as you like on your kindle and enjoy happy e-reading. The Amazon promo code for this cool electronic gadget available at £69.00  is there for your benefits.  The best part is that it can be delivered to your doorsteps without any extra charge.


Franklin Spelling Corrector

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

The spell corrector ($10.99) is a very useful gadget for kids and even adults who tend to be dyslexic. The gadget has a total of six word games, a rolodex data bank and can show up to 16 characters at a given time. Mostly students use it for checking spell mistakes in their essays and home assignments. It also helps with crossword puzzles. You can avail the Amazon promo code and own this necessities at more than 15% discounts.


Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert

 10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


This ultrasonic detector has gained a lot of popularity among almost all the vehicle owners. It is installed in your vehicle and emits ultrasonic rays that help in detecting the distance of the car from a solid object for instance a wall and helps you in parking without getting hit. The eBay coupon for this already-cheap ($1.00) super sensor device is available.


XDS Streaming Player

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Watching movies on your laptop decreases the fun a bit because of the small screen. Use your Target promo code now to get cool discount offers. With this cool electronic gadget you can now watch unlimited movies on your TV screen. It streams the videos from amazon.com and various other movie sites. The XDS Streaming Player (£77.45) is easy-to-use and takes merely five minutes to setup.


Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Sold at $139.99, the boogie board has been rated as the top selling gadget for a past few years. Imagine you can write and draw as much as you want. Kids love to doodle with this writing table. It saves you the worry of collecting various color pencils and drawing notebooks for your little ones. The gadget is a sleek looking board that has an overall amazing aesthetic. The Target promo code for these boogie boards is available for you.


Hope this cool electronic gadgets will help you shop this season. If you feel there is a gadget I have missed feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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