5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

March 11, 2014Home, Kids

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5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

Starting school is scary for both parents and children. Before the big day comes, there are a lot of questions that need answered. Are they ready, emotionally and intellectually? Who will watch them after school? What school do we pick? These are just a few of the questions that need answering. The key to kindergarten readiness is being prepared. We’ll help you parse out what needs considering before deciding, and then we’ll show you some kindergarten essentials from Target, the ultimate back-to-school store. Another tip? Shopping for school can be expensive. Use our Target Promo Codes to save big time.

First, you need to determine whether you and your spouse are ready for kindergarten, too. It’s a big commitment for everyone, not just your child. Kindergarten readiness means that the whole family is ready to take on the responsibility of formal education. You need to determine whether you or your spouse can handle picking up your child at a moment’s notice, attending parent/teacher conferences, and other time commitments. You also need to see if the family budget can take on the added cost of school. It can be expensive, even for public school!

Then you need to determine if your child is responsible and mature enough to handle sitting still in a classroom, interacting with other children, and remembering their lunch and homework. They should be able to spend large amounts of time away from their parents with few problems, interact with children their age in a positive way, and handle most small commitments (such as going to the bathroom, picking up toys) by themselves.

When you’re all ready to take the leap, it’s time to decide on a school. Different schools approach kindergarten education in different ways. Some treat it no differently than other grades, and have the children sit at desks and learn writing, spelling, math, and other traditional subjects. Others use an arts-based approach, and let the child learn at their own pace. Some spend the whole day outside. Tour a number of different schools and determine which learning style suits your child. When choosing schools, also consider how far it is away from your house, what neighborhood it’s in, and other practical considerations.

Lastly, it’s time to stock up! Usually your teacher will give you a list of supplies for you to buy a few weeks before school. But it’s never a bad idea to take the initiative and buy online when you’re ready. Before check out, remember to use our Target Promo Codes. You’ll be spending a lot of money on school, so why not cut costs where you can? Here are some back to school essentials to pick up now.


Circo Pet Pals Backpack – $16

5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

Nothing says “It’s time for school” quite like a brand-new backpack, and finding the right mix of fun and functional can make life easier for you and your child. You’ll both love this one from Circo. It has a cute monster design on the front, and is large enough to carry books, school supplies, and snacks, but not so big that it will overwhelm small backs. It even comes with a monster keychain!


BUILT Neoprene Lunch Bag – $9.99

5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

Keep the monster theme going with this matching lunch bag. Cute, fuzzy monsters adorn this bag, too. It’s just the right size for stacking small containers of snacks and tucking in a carton of milk. The bag’s neoprene fabric stretches, stays cool, and best of all, is easy to clean. An as added bonus, the handle has a clip on it, so you don’t have to worry about forgotten lunches.


Foogo Leak-Proof Food Jar – $11.59-$15.79

5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

Foogo, a sub-brand of Thermos, is known for its super cute, super insulated, BPA-free water bottles, sippy cups, and food containers. These food jars are made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or losing their temperature. Be sure to stock up. You’ll go through them quickly, and it’s better to have extras on hand than to remember to wash them every night.


Orla Kiely Sweet Pea Pencil Case – $9.99

5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

For kids, one of the most exciting things about starting kindergarten is getting to feel like a big kid with all of their new school supplies. There’s a good chance your child won’t be doing much writing in class. However, a pencil case is a classic item that makes kids feel “grown up.” Also, if your child has any medical needs, or simply wants to keep a trinket or two at their desk, a pencil case is the perfect place to tuck in any additional items. This one from Orla Kiely fits the perfect amount of pencils, pens, and markers, plus anything else your child just has to have.


Crayola Ultimate 153-Piece Crayon Set – $14.99

5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

In kindergarten, arts and crafts are big. So why not meet the challenge head-on with the ultimate crayon set? Your kid (and their new friends) will love this massive set that has any color they’ll ever need, along with a crayon sharpener. It might seem like a bit much, but trust, us, they’ll use it. And at $14.99, who can resist?


Crayola Gel Markers 80-Count Classpack – $29.49

5 Parent Must-Knows for Kindergarten Readiness

Pen and pencils are generally too long and skinny for small hands to grip, so crayons and markers dominate kindergarten classrooms. Crayola’s gel markers are hands-down the best ones on the market. The brand has recently started carrying supersized classpacks of their arts and crafts supplies, meant to last through the entire school year. These gel markers are resistant to drying out, so they get a lot of mileage.


We know it’s tough to see your baby grow up. But it’s also a time of new possibilities, and a lot of joy. These tips, as well as our Target Promo Codes, will help the process go smoother. Navigating through the many questions and long school supply lists may be overwhelming, but it’s worth it to see your child’s joy and excitement on the first day of school.

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