5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven’t Think Of

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5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

For some people, small bathroom decorating ideas are something they simply never consider. In other words, such ideas don’t enter their minds. This usually occurs for one of four reasons.

Sometimes, they see the bathroom as being utilitarian and not worth decorating. Other times, they want to decorate but they believe they must redo the entire bathroom to realize any change. Third, believe they have to spend a lot to make a difference. Or, fourth, they have no idea how to decorate a small bathroom space. All of the ideas in this piece will allow you to make the most of what is a minimum amount of space.

While reading about our small bathroom decorating ideas that are extremely effective, please be sure to utilize our Target Promo Codes, Kohls Promo Codes, and Threadless Couponsfor great deals on these and many other bathroom accessories.


Shower Curtains

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of 

Often times, the shower curtain is the most prominent item on display in your bathroom. Consider the power of the curtain, as it usually stretches across the longest wall of your bathroom. At Threadless, you’ll find that there are many wonderful shower curtains that will serve as fantastic small bathroom decorating ideas. Don’t forget to utilize Threadless Coupons for extra value.

The Dangerous Waters shower curtain, designed by Henrique Lima, is both tranquil and active. The green marine color, which dominates, will sooth the eyes, but look more closely and there’s a lot to see, including busy pirate boats, sharks, surfers, and smiling whales. These images add a light, buoyant quality to the curtain and your bathroom. The numerous details on the Dangerous Waters shower curtain offers visitors some great fun. Take a look!

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

There are plenty more whimsical shower curtains at Threadless, all for under $30.00, and at great savings,when you use our Threadless Coupons.There’s Phil Jones’ design entitled The Wake, which is primarily composed of rows of aqua -colored horizontal lines. These lines are interrupted by a boat cutting through them, and thus, the “the wake” is created in the lines, the water. Total tranquility would define this shower curtain, except for the boat in the center pulling the lines out of synchronization.

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Of course, you don’t have to highlight a nautical theme in your bath. You can be very clever and tongue-in-cheek by decorating your bath with Cameras, designed by the ironically named Adam Frame. Consider this, hundreds of cameras, paparazzi, pointed at you when you or your friends are in the most private room in your home.


Shower Hooks

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Shower hooks may seem to be fairly mundane, but the fact is today there are a host of innovative, creative, and unique hooks that you can use as inexpensive, small bathroom decorating ideas. As an example, at Target, where you can use our Target Promo Codes, you’ll find these very smart, trendy Headphone Girl Shower Curtain Hooks. Coordinate your shower hooks with your curtain and you’ll be dressing up your bathroom for a small amount of cash. Fun curtain hooks can cost under $10.00 for a set.


Bath Set Accessories Coordinated

  5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Here’s a wonderful fully accessorized bathroom set that coordinates with a matching shower curtain and includes coordinated hangers. These silver tone bathroom accessories with brushed accents are made of metal and glass. The Popular Bath Elite ORB Bath Accessories are available at Kohls, where you’ll pay less using our Kohls Promo Codes.

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

There are many overlooked or underutilized small bathroom decorating ideas, including incorporating innovative, inexpensive bath accessory sets. Target, where our Target Promo Codes provide amazing savings, offers some distinctive designs such as the Hanging Loose Bath Coordinate Collection.

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Along with these fantastic accessories, which are available for less than $100.00, there’s a coordinated shower curtain that can be attached with sandal curtain hangers. Plus, there’s this exceedingly entertaining Hanging Loose Bath Rug, which costs less than $37.00. Target Promo Codes can go a long way in helping you create your Hang Loose bathroom.


Bath Mats and Towels

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Making the effort to coordinate your bath mat and towels is a simple way to upgrade the look of your bath. At Target, the Brights Bath Mat, which is under $17.00, and coordinated Brights Bath Towels, which cost from $6.00 to $23.00 per item, create winning small bathroom decorating ideas. The colors are rich, vibrant, and exceptional, as the essence of their tones can enlighten and illuminate all bathrooms. Available in eight different colors, the Brights Collection will awaken your bathroom with vibrancy. Remember, Target Promo Codes allow you to buy more for less.

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Trash Decoratives


Waste receptacles don’t have to be trashy looking. And you don’t have to purchase a full set of accessories to get a trashcan that will dress up your bath. As far as small bathroom decorating ideas are concerned, purchasing a unique wastebasket offers you a lot of decorating power for a small amount of money.

Any part of a bathroom collection, such as the Hang Loose Collection, may be bought separately. Thus, you may elect to purchase just the wastebasket from this or any other collection, and this will alter the look of your bath.

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

Plus, there are many trashcans that are standalone items, such as the Avanti Blue Waters Wastebasket. Available form Kohls, the tall beach grass, soothing waters, and free flying see birds on this basket will redefine the ambiance of your bath. Available for under $50.00, you’ll secure even more savings using our Kohls Promo Codes.

5 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Haven't Think Of

The Beach Wastebasket is another great getaway from it all themed bathroom trashcan. Available at Kohls for under $50.00, this will help create a tranquil feel in your bath.

Our small bathroom decorating ideas will make your bath standout from all others. A unique shower curtain with matching shower hooks, clever bathmat, tranquil wastebasket, and a specialized vanity accessory or two can be incorporated to create an inimitable ambience in your bath that you and your guests will enjoy.

You’ll find plenty more first-rate small bathroom decorating ideas at Target, Kohls, and Threadbare. Our Target Promo Codes, Kohls Promo Codes, and Threadless Coupons will save you a lot of money, while you create an impressive, new look for your bath.

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