6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

May 29, 2014Fashion & Beauty

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6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

Summer is the best time to display your trendy nail polish and pretty, sexy ankles to an advantage wearing stylish sandals to complement your summer dresses. Wearing summer sandals is refreshing because air can circulate between your toes and they can lie down comfortably on the base of your sandals thus, promoting blood flow.

Winter had kept your foot covered with socks and boots to keep out the cold but with summer time, you will get the necessary relief that your feet need. It is best that you get a foot spa or a foot paraffin treatment to slough off dead skins and calluses and relieve tiredness of your feet. Getting a pedicure and applying chic nail polish will cheer up boring toenails – making them sandal-worthy.

Don’t fret too much about the cost, because we have a lot of 6pm Coupon Codes and Amazon Promo Codes that you can use to enjoy great discounts and privileges being offered by the store for the season. So what are you waiting for? Shop for fabulous and affordable summer sandals online at eBay and Amazon today!

But how do you choose good summer sandals? No problem, we can help you based on three factors to consider.

How to Choose the Best Summer Sandals

First, choosing summer sandals you should consider where you will be wearing them. Are you wearing them for work, for a stroll on the beach, for shopping at the mall or any other events and purposes? Consider wearing neutral colored sandals with medium heels when you work at the office and vibrant colored flat sandals for a lunch date or strolling with your friends. High-heeled, dressy sandals should be worn only for night time parties and weddings.

Second, choose sandals that not are not only beautiful but comfortable too! Aside from toothache and migraine, nothing destroys a day like painfully, pinched toes and calluses-producing straps. Opt for sandals that can accommodate the girth of your feet and with soles that are thick enough to give you good support when walking. Some working women change to flat sandals after work to make their feet breathe and allow the blood to flow smoothly to your veins.

Third, ensure that when you purchase summer sandals online, the store will allow you to change sandal size free of charge and if possible offers a free return policy. Else, it will be better for you to visit their store directly so you can get the right fit for the sandals that you have selected.

Flat sandals

If you are going for a swim at the beach this weekend, you can wear either the Kalso Earth Kalso Cabo San Lucas 2 ($22.99) from 6pm or the Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal ($89.95 – $120.00) sold at Amazon.

6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

The Kalso Earth Kalso Cabo San Lucas 2 can be worn at the beach or to your yoga classes. These cozy sandals have quick-drying nylon straps thus, dipping your feet in seawater and strolling around the souvenir shops will not keep your feet damp and slippery. These summer sandals can help you tone up too because they are equipped with Kalsø® Negative Heel Technology® and Biofoam™ cushioning that absorbs shock when you walk.

6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

The old, good original Birkenstock is back in fashion! This leather and cork combination has been providing comfort and relief to its wearer for over two hundred years. Your body weight will be evenly distributed on your whole foot due to the shape of the sandals that provides optimal support. The Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal has EVA sole with classic footbed and adjustable leather straps.

Ankle Strap Sandals

If you are having coffee or lunch with your pals or fiancee, opt for vibrant-colored sandals to match your summer dress or tank top and cut-off shorts ensemble. Some good choices are Michael Antonio Delton ($21.99) from 6pm and Nine West Women’s Veau Leather Dress Sandal ($79.00) from Amazon.

6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

The Michael Antonio Delton is made of pretty reptile-embossed faux leather material with thong-style construction. Walk the street wearing these fashionable sandals with a man-made footbed and sole and people will give you a second-look. Wear it with shorts and tank top or with your favorite maxi dress.

6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

The Nine West Women’s Veau Leather Dress Sandal is a hip and fun trend this season. These eye-catching sandals have a chic style that you’ll love to wear over and over again. The Nine West Women’s Veau Leather Dress Sandal can be worn both day and night for casual dates and shopping. Pair it up with a dress and denim jacket or vest and you’re good to go!

Wedge Sandals

If you are in the mood to wear wedge summer sandals with your summer dress, we recommend the Lucky Brand Miller 2 ($31.99) available at 6pm or the Seychelles Women’s Premiere Wedge Sandal ($79.95).

6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

The Lucky Brand Miller 2 has unique and stylish design that will prettify the feet. Wear these sandals proudly with your favorite mini-dress or skirt and top combo and women will turn green with envy as you strut your stuff in front of them.

6 Perfect Summer Sandals for Ladies

The Seychelles Women’s Premiere Wedge Sandal is a combination of designer and vintage pieces making it trendy and fabulous. These sandals are best worn at weddings or daytime parties with colorful summer dresses. These nude summer sandals are lovely pieces that must be included in your summer wardrobe collection.

It is best that you consider our tips in order for you to get the right fit, durability, comfort and style that you are looking for with a pair of summer sandals. We strongly recommend that you buy more than one pair of sandals that you can alternately wear depending on the occasion and terrain: a cozy yet durable sandals for the beach or yoga, attractive flat sandals for everyday wear, and heeled sandals for informal events. It is not advisable to wear only one pair of sandals for all occasions because they may contrast with your outfit or unsuitable for the activity that you will be doing.


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