The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

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The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

We all love our moms, but sometimes it can be difficult deciding what to buy them this year for mother’s day. After all, how can one gift show our appreciation for all they’ve done for us? Luckily, moms are pretty understanding, and appreciate even the smallest gesture. Even still, we want to wow our moms with the best mother’s day gifts possible. If you’re stumped, here are eight stand-outs guaranteed to put a smile on mom’s face this May. Amazon, 6pm, and Vera Bradley are all great online options for buying gifts. All three always have great deals, and great quality items. But you can turn these deals into steals with our 6pm coupon codes, Amazon discount codes, and Vera Bradley coupons.


Vera Bradley Beaded Bracelet — $28 at

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

For the mom who has everything, just a small token of your appreciation for all of her hard work is enough. This sweet bracelet by Vera Bradley is a guaranteed hit, and ideal for those looking to buy something small. The bright colors are perfect for spring, and the bracelet is casual enough for your mom to wear every day. For an extra special treat, buy all three and save in bulk with our Vera Bradley coupons.


Vera Bradley Carry-It-All Wristlet — $42 at

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

You’ll really knock it out of the park with a super practical, super on-trend carry-it-all wristlet from Vera Bradley. This tiny purse fits your cards, cash, and phone all in one little pouch that you can wear around your wrist, or keep in your handbag for easy access to your essentials. Busy moms will cherish this handy accessory. The adorable, trendy Vera Bradley print is just the icing on the cake. You’ll be tempted to buy one for yourself and your friends, too, so be sure to use our Vera Bradley coupons to save big.


Amazon Fire TV — $99 on Amazon

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

Your mom doesn’t have to be a techie to appreciate smart TV. The Amazon Fire is the latest gadget that combines digital streaming, hard-drive storage, and conventional cable all into one easy-to-use device. Simply hook this gadget up to the TV, and you can instantly watch Netflix, Amazon streaming video, or anything else on the internet. What better way to treat mom than to give her the gift of convenience? Though already a steal at less than $100, bring this price down even lower with our Amazon discount codes.


ViewSonic Digital Photo Frame — $39.99 on Amazon

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

The best mother’s day gifts come from the heart. So this year, don’t let all those school pictures and family photos languish in the depths of the computer. Display mom’s favorite memories with this digital photo frame. Simply upload a few cherished photos to the frame, and it will automatically display them as high-definition digital images. You can keep it static, or program the frame to display the photos as a slideshow. Either way, mom will love seeing all of the memories you have made together. You can save on this sweet idea and others found on Amazon’s mother’s day page by using our Amazon discount codes.


Tignanello Perfect Pockets Foldover Tote — $99.99 at 6pm

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

Handbags are mom’s best friends. Moms have to tote around a lot of stuff — Band-Aids, candies, make-up, and so much more. So treat your mom to a bag that’s both fashionable and functional. This tote by Tignanello is made of extra-soft, extra-durable leather, and has more room and more pockets than even mom will know what to do with. Plus, its sleek, classic design means this bag will stay in style forever. With the heavy discounts at 6pm, along with our 6pm coupon codes, you can afford to splurge on a high-end brand like Tignanello. After all, mom deserves the best.


Tart KJ Scarf — $38.99 at 6pm

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

Every woman loves a good scarf. They’re cozy, easy to wear, versatile, and make every outfit ten times cuter. Cashmere scarves are particularly delightful, and have always been a great gift. So it seems obvious that an ultra-soft cashmere scarf like this black and white one from Tart is one of the best mother’s day gifts out there. It’s one of those luxuries that doesn’t have to break the bank — especially when you use our 6pm coupon codes.


Kate Spade New York Statement Earrings — $39.99 at 6pm

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

Think jewelry for mother’s day has been done to death? Think again. Instead of opting for the standard charm bracelet or pearl earrings, choose something a little more funky this year. These bold, beautiful statement earrings by Kate Spade are perfect for fun, fashionable moms. Though certainly bold, the solid blue color and high-quality design of these earrings mean mom can get a lot of use out of them. 6pm always has great deals on name-brand jewelry, and these deals are even sweeter when paired with our 6pm coupon codes.


Conair Waterfall Foot Spa — $36.67 on Amazon

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Mom This May

This year, give the gift that keeps on giving: a foot spa. Mom deserves a lot of luxury in her life, so instead of buying her a one-off massage or manicure, get her an all-in-one spa experience she can return to time and time again. This foot spa by Conair features high-pressure jets, a full pedicure kit, and a soothing waterfall. And for just under $40 (even less when you use our Amazon discount codes), that’s a solid investment.


It’s easy to go beyond flowers for mother’s day. Even if you’re on a budget, you can find something that’s a little more personalized. The best mother’s day gifts are, in fact, those that speak to your mom’s personality and preferences. And from the eight ideas above, you’re sure to find something for your mom. When it comes time to buy, always remember to use our 6pm coupon codes, Amazon discount codes, and Vera Bradley coupons. As moms around the world always say, a penny saved is a penny earned!


3 Romantic Proposal Ideas for your Girlfriend

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend


Girls are a weird specie whether they admit it or not but each one of them dreams of the big wedding day since their childhood. Every girl wants to be treated like a princess and expects her partner to be prince charming.  While most of girls admit it that the most thought of day in their lives is their wedding others might deny it. Some girls tend to be tom boys and never act like a girl. They rebel against the social norms and tend to be very boyish in their ways and acts. They would even dress up as boys in the early stages of their lives. But with the passage of time every girls turns into love seeking princess who awaits her perfect guy that will come and kneel down to her, take out a ring and utter the sweetest words her ears have always desired to hear.

Every girl wants her love story be to like a love song and the marriage proposal to be most romantic proposal idea. This is an event that will come only once in life so it should be very special and well thought out. It is not important for the proposal to be extravagant but it should be a romantic proposal idea.Spending a lot of cash will not guarantee a yes from her side. Boys think that they will propose their beloved when they have a lot of cash so they can arrange a very special celebration at the time of proposal. It is not however the case.


Proposal Rings at amazon

All your proposal needs is an elegant ring and a true heart that desires her. You can get classical rings of all types at Amazon and Kohl e-stores.  Though they have a wide variety of rings to choose from,  these followings are worth taking into consideration. Remember to use Amazon discount codes to save on your money!

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

delicate diamond or a huge ruby at $160

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

a platinum ring at $109

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

or even ones with letters engraved on it at $7.95

You can get all of them by using your amazon discount codes. You may as well spend your kohls promo code on buying an ever memorable ring for your beloved.


Do not delay your proposal

If you have a girlfriend and you haven’t still proposed to her do it before someone else does. You may be waiting for the right time but remember time is never right or wrong it is you who makes it right. The best time to propose someone is the lover’s day. The month of February has started and the universal day of love is drawing near. What are you waiting for? You will not find a better occasion than the Valentine’s Day to propose your ever loving partner. Even if you are not up for marriage yet you can still ask her consent and tell her how important she is to you by proposing her on this special day.


Marriage rings sale at Kohls

The best part is that there are amazing sales on proposal rings on various e-stores like Amazon and Kohl due to valentine’s season. among which is Kohls promo code .


 3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

Sterling silver ring at $59.99

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

Colorless diamond ring only at $12150

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

Gold and diamond only at $3600

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend 

White gold ring at $2475

And just in case you find these diamond rings are too much to afford, you can check out these cheap alternatives to engagement diamond rings to make the most sensible choice of your and your partner’s life.


Know your girl

You may look for romantic proposal ideas on the internet and ask your friends and family for most romantic proposal idea but the truth is that no one knows your partner better than you. A romantic proposal idea is the one that is tailored specially for your partner. You understand them the best, you know their choices and preferences. You will know her likes and dislikes because you love her. It is therefore important to have a romantic proposal idea that will impress her. Tell them how much they mean to you by coming up with a well thought out romantic proposal idea that will touch her heart. Here are top three romantic proposal ideas for proposing your girlfriend on this 14th February.


The Champagne Ring

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

It is one of the most romantic proposal ideas in the world. It has been practiced in many movies and dramas. Many writers have mentioned the champagne ring in their story when the hero finally gathers the courage to propose to his heroin. It is best advisable to do it at a quiet place. It should be a place where it is just the two of you enjoying a candle light dinner looking each other in the eye. You can put a diamond ring you bought from amazon discount codes in a champagne glass and present it to her. You may also stem the ring you bought by using your kohls promo codes with a ribbon. The day you propose your beloved make sure the dinner is cooked by you. It does not matter whether you are a good cook or not. To cook well all you need is do it from your heart.This will show your partner how much they mean to you and that you would always go an extra mile for them.


Dine out at her favorite restaurant

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

You can also include this in your romantic proposal ideas list. Take your girl to her favorite restaurant on the Valentine’s Day for dinner. You can arrange with the waiter to bring a dessert tray after you have eaten and place the ring box in the decorated tray. The ring can be easily bought at a handsome discount by using your amazon discount codes.  There is a huge sale at amazon and kohl’s at all rings and accessories for upcoming 14th February.


Chocolate Lovers

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

If your girl loves chocolate then your romantic proposal idea can easily be decided. Most of the girls adore chocolate but you will know her favorite as you know her the best. You can wrap the ring in an attractive cover and make it the most shiny and decorative among all the other candies. You may buy this ring at kohls by using your Kohls promo code that you have saved until now. This is the best time of the year to propose your girlfriend. It will be the best moment of her life when she finds out the ring you bought by using your Amazon discount codes wrapped among the candies.




Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount

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Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount


Ladies around the world have a thing for handbags shoes and accessories. A lady can easily spend a million dollars merely on buying stylish handbags and classy shoes. They might not buy these loads of clothes in a season the way they buy handbags. Every year they would lace their wardrobe with latest variety of shoes and handbags. Some of them might be low quality and break easily but then there are Vera Bradley pattern Bags and accessories that have both style and reliability. One can easily shop these Vera Bradley pattern stuff by using the Vera Bradley coupons to get a handsome discount on each item. Lately the trend of Vera Bradley product has increased largely and every lady you see around the corner would be carrying a Vera Bradley pattern along with her.


Company background of Vera Bradley patterns


Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount


It was back in 1982 when Barbara Bradley and Patricia Miller were sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for their flight. Anyone who has travelled via an airplane can easily imagine how boring and time consuming it can be waiting for your luggage for long hours at the airport.  All the bags that crossed your sight would be black, giant and masculine. There was no color and contrasts introduced in the luggage bags at that time. The idea of Vera Bradley brand was born when these two ladies sat there while observing the dull and monotonous luggage line. They decided to get back home and design colorful carrier bags and luggage accessories for ladies. The brand was named after their mother Vera. At that time the originators did not themselves know that the idea of colorful bags would be appreciated by ladies around the world so greatly.  By the increasing sales of Vera Bradley pattern products the Vera Bradley coupons were introduced online so that the buyers can get decent discounts on the product line.


Vera Bradley patterns are stylish and the products are functional


The Vera Bradley brand has been operational for over twenty years and has a loyal clientele around the globe. The Vera Bradley patterns are so stylish and unique that one cannot simply resist them. The bold color schemes and bright Vera Bradley patterns are an ideal match for ladies accessories. Every season the collection includes latest fabrics and Vera Bradley patterns that are worth buying. The Vera Bradley coupons available on the web are a great choice to get a reasonable cut in price on your favoriteVera Bradley item. Be it handbags, eye glass covers, water bottles, couch bags, shoes, make up pouches, cellphone cases, notebooks, key ring holders, zipped ID cases, laptop carriers, backpacks, luggage bags or wallets. The Vera Bradley patterns cover a wide range of products and accessories.

The best part about these items is reliability and functionality. The bags have enough room as compared to a normal carrier bag.  The latest bags have beautiful color combinations and quite a number of inner pockets. The Vera Bradley pattern products last longer and have a life span of more than a year. You may want to switch due to new styles and patterns but the product would not wear out or damage soon.


Vera Bradley pattern Bags


Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount


You can easily find your desired Vera Bradley product on the internet by simply using your Vera Bradley coupon and get a very decent discount on these stylish items. The bags have unique patterns and designs that are adored by everyone. These bags have a variety in style and functionality both. Listed below are the top favorites in Vera Bradley patterns


Lovely Coach Handbags


Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount


The coach handbags with Vera Bradley patterns are an ideal choice for travel and one night stays. These are stain resistant and do not even need to be repaired or replaced. These items have a longer product life and are loved by the users. If you haven’t tried one of these yet you should avail your Vera Bradley coupons now. You can easily get these coach handbags at a reasonable price starting at $55.


The villager


Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount


The villager is one of the top rated bags in Vera Bradley patterns.  The villager has six roomy pockets on the inside and two large pockets on the outer side. You can easily store your small items on the outer pockets. You may keep your cellphone, sunshades or makeup items in this one. The larger pocket has a zip and is easily accessible.  The villager is easily washable and does not get damaged by water or cleaning.  It is an ideal for long trips and best suitable for storing your clothes and travel accessories. A reliable travel bag once bought will benefit you for long. Do you have your Vera Bradley coupon yet?? If not then you should instantly get one. Using it will get you an amazing discount on your favorite colored villager. You can get your choice of villager at a reasonable price with Vera Bradley coupons.


Vera Bradley pattern accessories


Get the Latest Vera Bradley Patterns at Discount


The company also brings a splendid variety of ladies accessories. You can use your Vera Bradley coupon to get the bright and bold scarf as well as jewelryvariety for yourself. If your lady likes to store the latest variety of necklace and bracelet in her wardrobe you can gift her one of these stylish gifts on the upcoming lover’s day.This season you can avail the discount offers for women accessories via Vera Bradley coupons.


Vera Bradley Products are a perfect gift for your girl


If you are still wondering what you should present your girlfriend on this valentine’s then Vera Bradley Pattern products is the right answer for you.  Your girl would feel special on receiving such an amazing gift for the Valentine’s Day. Choose from a wide range of products and accessories and impress your girlfriend, wife or beloved with your taste. The Vera Bradley brand offers Vera Bradley coupons for its customers which mean you can get amazing cut on price even on the latest product line. Whether you want to gift her lovely handbag or a multi-functioning carrier bag you can simply go to the Vera Bradley website and order your desired item. The company offers different color schemes and styles for each product so that you can select the one your partner prefers the most.


Top Colognes for Men at Kmart

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Top Colognes for Men at Kmart


Top colognes for men are a guilty pleasure for some and just too pricey for others. They have become associated with men who have money, expensive cars and fine garments,but that is precisely why they are appealing! And, this too, is exactly why so many knockoff versions of today’s popular scents have appeared and flourished in both the stores and on the streets.

It’s understandable that men want to smell great without having to pay and arm and a leg to do so. However, after trying a few of the imposters, many conclude that it would probably be worth it to dish out the extra money for the original scents. It may be hard to understand how colognes of a similar scent can be so different from one another. Consumers report though that the knockoffs often present them with one or more issues such as low longevity and projection, as well as a cheap or manufactured smell. In addition, original scents are carefully crafted by their designers to express a particular mood or style. A knockoff brand, while coming close to the smell, often misses the finer details.

For women, if you are looking for the ideal gifts for your boyfriends this Valentine’s season then Kmart is the perfect one-stop shop for you where a variety of men’s products, among which are men colognes, are available. It is just one click away from the most meaningful and wonderful gifts for him. Kmart coupons are always available at your service to purchase the best gifts at discounted price.


Dolce & Gabbana Men’s EDT Fragrance Spray

 Top Colognes for Men at Kmart


If your conclusion is that the original scents just can’t be beat, or at least that there is an occasion for the real thing, then you may find yourself wondering – should I pay top dollar for that cologne that I really want? Although your desired top colognes for men are generally expensive, you may not know that Kmart is right now making them available at affordable prices. Look at Dolce & Gabbana Men’s EDT Fragrance Spray in a 2.5 oz. bottle for only $54.99. Kmart coupons, which are available  online, are also easy to use and provide discounts beyond this already low price.


Calvin Klein Eternity

 Top Colognes for Men at Kmart


If you are not familiar with it yet, you will find Kmart’s selection impressively high in both quality and diversity. Also offered is Calvin Klein’s Eternity, priced at only $17.19 for a 0.5 oz. bottle. The variety of deals available makes it affordable for you to purchase this and other great colognes for yourself, or any of the many men in your life.

Outside of everyday needs and the upcoming Valentines, all of these occasions are ideal to purchase one or more of Kmart’s many brands of top colognes for men, for example birthdays, graduations, thank-you gifts, get-well presents, etc. What more excuse do you need to purchase high-quality cologne at significantly less than what you would pay elsewhere?

You may not find the distinction so important, but the dating and professional worlds often know the difference between original scents and imposters. Maybe you are a man who already loves to smell great, or perhaps you would like to, if you could afford to do so. The fact is that there is no good reason to sell yourself short. You know the confidence that you feel when you put on great cologne along with the rest of your attire. And, besides that, women can tell when you put an effort into looking and smelling great. Low-quality cologne that shows its cheapness is sometimes worse than wearing none at all! When you want to make a positive impression you need high-quality cologne. With special Kmart coupons and discounts, you don’t have to worry about the price anymore. Make it your mission to smell great whenever the occasion calls for it.


Perry Ellis’ 360 Men’s Fragrance

 Top Colognes for Men at Kmart


So, we have heard about why the men are interested, but if you are a woman, does it matter to you that top colognes for men are available at great prices at Kmart? It should, because now there is no reason to wait for the man in your life to take the initiative of purchasing them on his own. Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband or significant other who enjoys, or could use, high-quality cologne, don’t wait to save up for a holiday to help him smell his best. You’ll find scents like Perry Ellis 360 Men’s Fragrance for only $24.99. Kmart coupons can be the perfect way to purchase top colognes for men that will put smiles on both of your faces, without breaking the bank. And, don’t stop at your partner. Every man, whether in his personal or professional life, has a need to smell great when the occasion arises. There are a wide variety of top colognes for men offered at Kmart that will suit so many other persons in our lives.


Curve For Men

 Top Colognes for Men at Kmart


Male and female friends will all be delighted to receive high-quality colognes as gifts or expressions of gratitude. A male friend will enjoy receiving a gift that he can actually put to use in his professional or romantic life. And a female friend will also be happy to have your help in finding the perfect gift for her own significant other. She will be surprised that you found a 2.5 oz. bottle of Curve for Men for only $28.50 using Kmart coupons!


When it comes to gifts, family members, like uncles and even fathers or step-fathers, will be pleasantly surprised to receive one of Kmart’s top colognes for men. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in assisting them in smelling their best in their professional or personal lives. And let’s not forget your boss. Of course, we don’t want him to take it as a hint that he needs it, but a personal note attached any one of Kmart’s many top colognes for men can make a simple, yet memorable,gift for him too.

So, for both men and women,Kmart’s low prices make it sensible and attractive to purchase that Liz Claiborne or Tommy scent that everyone wants,but feels guilty paying high prices to own. Forget the idea of purchasing low-quality cologne to save your wallet. Don’t wait any longer to smell great or to give the gift of a pleasant scent. Treat yourself or someone you know to the real, top-quality colognes for men available at Kmart and also shop smart with Kmart coupons.



10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

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 10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


The winter holidays have started, it is indeed the best time of the year for the holiday shoppers. We all tend to rush to our favorite stores to buy the latest and cool electronic gadgets of the year. With the smartphones, IPods, tablets and game consoles becoming the hot favorites of the year. There have been some amazing new additions to the entertainment gadgets this time. It is expected to be a very good sales time for Apple and Samsung who have loaded the market with their cool electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets are fun to use as well as they have extreme functionality jam-packed in a teeny device. Most of us today rely heavily on the electronic gadgets we carry, for remembering addresses and important meetings, for taking notes, for listening to our favorite tunes, for blogging and even for teaching our young ones the basics of learning.

There are almost innumerable types and trends of cool electronic gadgets you can choose from, depending upon your taste and requirements. Here is a list of the cool electronic gadgets you must possess. All these gadgets are available on e-stores and you can get their Amazon Promo Codes, eBay Coupons, Kmart Coupons and Target Promo Codes on the internet.


IPhone 5S

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


For all the smart phone users this new sweetheart by apple is totally irresistible. Especially the iPhone lovers will adore this new series. The gold and silver cases are so lusty that anyone would fall for them just by having a mere look. Grab your Target promo code now to get handsome discounts of more than 30%. IPhone 5 has really shown the world the true meaning of innovation, sold at $ 734.80 . The sleek and sexy design makes this gadget a must-have for smartphone users.


Samsung/LG Curved OLED TV


10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


Does your living room need a replacement for the old television? To get an experience of IMAX cinema lounge, hurry to purchase this 55 inch OLED display by either Samsung or LG now displayed at $8,999 and remember to use your eBay coupon  to grab this must-have gadget on a discounted price. The screen is curved that adds to the beauty of the product. This amazing new series is a perfect fit for those who look for elegance fused with functionality in a same place.


Olympus camera

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Olympus camera ($109.99) is among the coolest electronic gadgets as it stands out among all the other competitors. It has 17 mm lens and captures awesome digital shots. The surprise is that this camera comes with Wi-Fi option in it. You may take it along next time you go sightseeing or on a family holiday. Avail your eBay coupon now to save you up to 45% of the initial price on this undeniably amazing gadget.


Gadget battery charger

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

It is a must-have for people who have a tight schedule and never get time to charge their cellphones, PSPs, IPods, music players and other electronic devices. You can wrap this around your wrist like a band and it will automatically give an alarm if it goes low on battery. With only $35.99, you can buy such cool electronic gadgets at Kmart and get Kmart coupons to save even more money.


Portable Air Purifier and Ionizer

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


This amazing gadget provides you a stress-free environment and lets your mind relax by putting the negative ions in the air surrounding your head. The ion cloud is extended to almost three feet and prevents the bacteria, pollens, pollution and dust particles from reaching you. As people tend to catch flu and fever easily, it is advisable to keep wearing this super light gadget to keep you safe and healthy. You can as well find the eBay coupon for the air ionizer and purifier ($33.99) on this site with free shipping.


My Kindle

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


The publishing industry needs to worry about its declining sales as the electronic book-readers overtake them. These super-awesome e-readers have become every reader’s favorite as they are portable, easy to carry around, light weight, cause no eyestrain and yet fun to operate. You do not have to worry about carrying large piles of books along wherever you go. You can simply download as many books as you like on your kindle and enjoy happy e-reading. The Amazon promo code for this cool electronic gadget available at £69.00  is there for your benefits.  The best part is that it can be delivered to your doorsteps without any extra charge.


Franklin Spelling Corrector

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

The spell corrector ($10.99) is a very useful gadget for kids and even adults who tend to be dyslexic. The gadget has a total of six word games, a rolodex data bank and can show up to 16 characters at a given time. Mostly students use it for checking spell mistakes in their essays and home assignments. It also helps with crossword puzzles. You can avail the Amazon promo code and own this necessities at more than 15% discounts.


Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert

 10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without


This ultrasonic detector has gained a lot of popularity among almost all the vehicle owners. It is installed in your vehicle and emits ultrasonic rays that help in detecting the distance of the car from a solid object for instance a wall and helps you in parking without getting hit. The eBay coupon for this already-cheap ($1.00) super sensor device is available.


XDS Streaming Player

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Watching movies on your laptop decreases the fun a bit because of the small screen. Use your Target promo code now to get cool discount offers. With this cool electronic gadget you can now watch unlimited movies on your TV screen. It streams the videos from and various other movie sites. The XDS Streaming Player (£77.45) is easy-to-use and takes merely five minutes to setup.


Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Sold at $139.99, the boogie board has been rated as the top selling gadget for a past few years. Imagine you can write and draw as much as you want. Kids love to doodle with this writing table. It saves you the worry of collecting various color pencils and drawing notebooks for your little ones. The gadget is a sleek looking board that has an overall amazing aesthetic. The Target promo code for these boogie boards is available for you.


Hope this cool electronic gadgets will help you shop this season. If you feel there is a gadget I have missed feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.


Cheap Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

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1971 Rings [CC-BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

1971 Rings [CC-BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

‘Tis the season for love and proposals. Many will be on bended knees professing their undying love and asking for a hand in marriage. Many will have broken the piggy bank to find the perfect ring for her but alas, there is hope. You can get a flawless, durable real diamond-like stone or other precious gems that are less expensive and just as beautiful.

What I am talking about are precious, semi precious and naturally formed stones that either look like diamonds or have their own characteristics. Here are some stones that are as precious and valuable as diamonds are.

Diamond-like gems


Public Domain

Public Domain

This gem is precious and is a meteorite which makes it stronger than diamonds. It would be since it literally came out of space! Anyway, the mineral make up is different but when you look into the actual stone,. the composition looks similar to diamonds. It is rated on the same scale for clarity depending on the flaws found in it. I would proudly wear a ring containing this stone.

Now, before you make your purchase you need to find out if this mineral is real or was it made in a lab. You should be able to get a certificate of authenticity if it is real. In some cases it has been synthesized in a lab so be careful about your purchase, unless you don’t mind.

White Topaz

Another natural mineral that is closely related to crystal and is prismatic in its formation which makes it very beautiful when light passes through. The white topaz is the pure form of the mineral but there are other colors as well such as wine, yellow, pale gray, reddish-orange, or blue brown.

White topaz is colorless and pure but when tinted by impurities is where it gets it various colors. Even though naturally occurring in nature, topaz has to be treated to bring out its brilliance. The cost of Topaz is way less expensive than diamonds and should be considered as an alternative.


  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Moonstone
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Tourmaline
  • November – Citrine
  • December – Tanzanite

I deliberately left out April because the birthstone for that month is diamond and we are determining alternatives to diamonds. My recommendation for April is getting a diamond-like stone such as the one mentioned above, Moissanite.

Other alternatives to consider


There are two types of onyx, the black onyx and the banded color version where there are streaks of various colors which when treated and polished makes for a very unusual but beautiful stone. I recommend the baned color version of this gem.


The mineral name for this gem is cordierite. This gem was discovered in 1813 and was named after geologist Louis Cordier. Iolite is transparent but not colorless. The word iolite comes from the Greek word for violet. This gem was used by vikings to determine the direction of he sun on bleaky days. When taken outside on an overcast day, light which is scattered by the molecules in the air will polarize. This forms an angle with the other end pointing to the direction of the sun. Then they would know what time of day it was. Very interesting gem, don’t you think?


Jade is green in color and not very lustrous but beautiful to look at. Comes in all sorts of shaded from gray-green to deep green to almost white. Mostly used for ornaments and can be made into tiles, bathroom accessories and pottery. This gem is also used in making jewelry and is very inexpensive compared to other gems in its class. One of the oldest gems used in the Eastern world. Artifacts have been found to date back to 202 BC.


Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Opal: CRPeters [CC-BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

When you look inside an opal stone or rock you will be amazed at the array of colors. They will take your breath away. If your girl likes colored gems she will love this one. Get her a precious opal and she will love you for life. Opal can be made to look pale or lustrous depending on its treatment.


Another favorite of mine, this gem is comes in several varieties with different color ranges. Rock crystal is very clear and some sections are pure. The crystal can be substituted for a diamond but will also be prismatic in appearance as light passes through, however will have a brilliance compared to the precious gem.

Other quartz gems include amethyst, ametrine, chalcedony or tiger’s eye, Herkimer diamond, jasper, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz and flintstone.

The Herkimer diamond is the closest of the quart to the diamond and is as brilliant, not as crystalline and when compared hard to tell the difference. This quartz is very rare but less expensive than diamonds and will make any woman happy when worn in an engagement ring.



A precious ring doesn’t have to be expensive. Birthstones are the least expensive of the lot because they are more common. So budget wisely and decide on your choice before making your purchase.

It is also good to consult with your spouse prior to purchasing the ring in order not to make a wrong choice. If you want to surprise her, get her an empty ring and offer to take her stone shopping to choose the stone of her choice. Let her know beforehand that you can’t afford an real diamond but there are precious stones that are as valuable. She will understand.

Remember, saving today will benefit you both tomorrow. Shop wisely and stay in love.