Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget

January 17, 2014Home, Shopping tips

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Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget

Whether you are feeding a family of 6 or you are just thrifty by nature, the nickels, dimes and quarters saved by smart shopping can add up to lots of dollars in savings if you can learn a few tricks of the trade. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Write a Grocery List and STICK to it!

 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget


Grocery stores are designed to tempt you with products that you don’t need by placing them on the end caps of aisles and in front of the cash register. You’ve seen these items, candy bars, magazines, batteries, DVD’s. The placement is not a mistake. You are supposed be surrounded as you wait in line to check out. The first rule of saving at the grocery store is to create menus for the week in advance and know what ingredients you’ll need to make each meal. Next, make a complete list of all of the necessary items, and promise yourself that you will only buy the items on your list. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve spent on all of the extras in the past. Be strong, be determined, and bypass the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


Stock Up on Sale Items and Buy in Bulk

 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget


If you eat lots of a certain brand of cereal and it’s on sale, by all means buy several boxes. Stocking up by taking advantage of sales can be a better strategy for saving than using coupons. Stockpiling isn’t just for disasters. Buying in bulk can save plenty of pennies as well. If you bake often, buying 25 pounds of flour can often cost only a few dollars more than buying 5 pounds, but think before you buy in bulk. Do you have the shelf or freezer space to store the items you want to stock up on? Are they perishable? If you buy four cartons of sour cream, are you sure that you can use them up before they expire – or worse – before they become a science experiment in your refrigerator? Stock up on sale items and buy in bulk, but use common sense before you spend your hard-earned dollars. If it’s going to sit on your shelf or in your freezer for months, or spoil in your fridge, pass it by.

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Pay Attention to Name Brands and Labels

 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget


When school shopping for your kids, you will almost certainly be inundated with pleas for designer duds that your daughter or son must have. Think before you pay three times as much money for a pair of jeans, when a similar pair can be had for far less. Sure, the kids deserve a few items that have the labels that “all the other kids are wearing,” but for generic items like jeans, t-shirts and socks, look for the store brands and save big. The same goes for name brand items in the grocery store. There are some name brand items that just taste better, so buy the things that you know you will use up, but check out some of the generic brands, or store brands, usually priced a good deal lower than name brands. You may be surprised at the quality of the items. Once again, let common sense prevail and you’ll find you’ve spent less, and it doesn’t even hurt too much.


Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget


I don’t have to tell you that cutting coupons can save you money. We’ve all seen articles or television shows about people who save so much money using coupons that the retailer ends up owing them money. But, if you aren’t interested in buying 40 sticks of deodorant, there is a better way to take advantage of coupons. Using coupons is almost like playing cards… you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, and when to use them to get the biggest savings. Using your coupons on items that are reduced or on sale is obviously the best way to get the lowest price. Unfortunately, the days of double coupons are gone. However, if you pair your coupon with a sale item, you can save a substantial sum. Grocery stores actually encourage this, by reducing items that appear in the coupons you find in your Sunday paper. Online coupons are becoming increasingly popular, and several of the biggest retailers, such as Target and Kmart, are great examples and make online coupons available year-round

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Online Shopping

 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget


You may not think so, but Amazon is a store, just like your local grocery or department store. There are some amazing bargains available at Amazon. You may think purchasing grocery items, electronics or clothing online would be more expensive than visiting your favorite retailer, but Amazon offers an incredible range of items, some at bargain basement prices. Maybe that’s why Amazon has been voted #1 in customer satisfaction for nine years. And don’t worry about the shipping… it’s free on orders over $35. Besides Amazon, there are countless sites to check out for great bargains, and virtually every major retailer sells products online these days.

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Printable Online Coupons

 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on a Budget


The coupons that you can find today on the Internet can offer better savings then the ones that come in your paper on Sunday. Plus, it’s much easier and far more convenient to surf the Web and find coupons for the exact item you want to buy. Make sure to mark your calendar when searching for the best deals online, because the very best deals are posted three times each month-at the beginning (1st, 3rd), in the middle (14th, 16th), and at the very end of the month (28th through the end of the month). Coupon codes are a great way to save on online purchases, and it’s easy to find codes for the items that you want to purchase by doing a quick Internet search, using the name of the product and the words “coupon code.” Most online retailers have an area in which to paste your coupon codes when you are ready to check out, and the savings can be substantial. Make sure you check the expiration date and the details. Some codes have restrictions or require you to purchase multiple items.

To get you started, we’ve put together some links to coupons that we promise will save you money on shopping. Target Stores now stock grocery items, so you can save time and money by shopping there. If you really want to get a deal on your online purchases, use this Amazon Promo Code to save money on the vast array of items that Amazon.com stocks.

You can save money while shopping on a budget. Plan ahead and do some research before you make your purchase. Remember to stick to purchasing just the items that you really need. Trying to stick to a budget isn’t always easy and certainly isn’t fun, but you can find so many ways to save money if you keep informed about all of the sales, specials and discounts taking place every day online and at the stores where you usually shop. It’s easy once you get the hang of it, and your wallet and bank account will love you for it!