Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women

January 20, 2014Fashion & Beauty


Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women

With the new year comes a brand new set of fashion trends- and you don’t want to miss out on a second of the latest fashion news, especially when it comes to Spring 2014 fashion trends. Check out these hot fashion trends for Spring 2014!


Pastel Galore


Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


What comes to mind when you think of spring? (Besides fresh air and the returning of beautiful leaves and flowers). Vibrant, vivid, and bold colors, of course! This year, feel free to rock the most intense and exciting colors you can imagine, from bright orange to enticing pink, exotic yellow to bright blue. Anything goes! Pair up your favorite bright orange skinny jeans with a cropped pastel pink blazer. Mix and match with pastel accessories. Find a pastel-combo dress just like this stunning Gabriella Rocha Color Block Maxi with Pockets that combines two vibrant colors for a style that really catches the eye. (Only $34.99 at 6PM). You can’t go wrong with pastels. Be as daring as you want. 6pm Coupon Codes will become handy as you wish to appear more feminine with this style.


Beauty and Business

Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


This year you can feel totally comfortable stepping out of the office and heading downtown to the trendiest club. Shocked? Don’t be! It’s the year for beauty and business- particularly button-up shirts. Keep it buttoned up during business hours, but when the sun goes down relax and let some of those button loose for a sexy style that lasts through the night. Try this Daily Look Women’s, Modern Button Up Blouse, only $24.95 from Amazon, with your favorite pencil skirt and skinny heels for a tantalizing look. You won’t believe how inexpensive it is to own this look with Amazon Promo Codes!


Into the Future

Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


Metallics. If you don’t have them, then you are missing out on one of the most enticing and shocking Spring 2014 fashion trends. Whether you’re ready to step out in a shimmering metallic dress like this Laundry by Shelli Segal Metal Pleat Dress with Bow Accent from 6pm (only $66.99) or simply want to throw on a thrilling metallic shirt to shine down the city streets, you’re sure to be rocking one of the most intense styles of the year. Utilize 6pm Coupon Codes to save even more.



Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


Ah, the beauty of spring. Flowers budding and the scent of roses filling the air. It’s no wonder why springtime is so popular. And now you can blend in with the beauty of spring with one of this years hottest styles, floral patterns. You can easily rock this style on your favorite clothing items- short flirty dresses, wrap dresses, long skirts, tops, even pants! This adorable LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Dress is the ideal dress for spring, not only because of it’s flirty floral design, but also because of the chiffon construction (which just happens to be one of this year’s must-haves). Find this and many other floral items at Kohls and use Kohls promo codes to save money on your buys.



Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


Those gorgeous, wild, and frankly quirky art pieces you see in museums can now be worn proudly on your shirts, sweatshirts, dresses- just about anywhere you want. The artsy look is at it’s height of popularity, and for good reason. It’s fun and exciting and let’s our creative side loose, just like you see in these 3D Women/Men Space Galaxy Sweatshirts, only $35.69 on Amazon. Don’t forget to use Amazon Promo Codes to save on your purchases!


Sporty Attitude

Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


Think that your favorite workout apparel should be locked in the gym’s locker room? Think again! Sports apparel is all the rage this spring. Think cute zip-up varsity jackets, your favorite pair of athletic shorts, the cutest tank tops that can tackle even the toughest sport or a simple hoodie – yeah, those are all on the list of must-haves. This Women’s US Woodlands Hoodie is the perfect example of the perfect springtime jacket which come in various sizes and colors. Only $69.99 on Under Armour, and less with Under Armour coupons.


Fringed Up

Fabulous Spring 2014 Fashion Trends for Women


Fringes are all the rage this year. But hey, we aren’t complaining. Fringes are totally funky and wild, which gives us a chance to showcase our creative and fun side. If you are not quite ready to step out in your fringiest dress with all the bells and whistles, try a subtle approach by accompanying your outfit with an adorable fringe crossbody bag like this Nine West On The Fringe Crossbody from 6PM. It’s completely fashion forward and comes in an elegant shade of brown. Only $41.99 and less when you use  6pm Coupon Codes.

You can also find the matching shoes for any occasion at discounts with these famous brand shoes available at 6 p.m. Remember: a good pair of shoes takes you to good places!

Spring 2014 fashion trends are definitely ones to get excited about. From enthralling fringes to cute floral patterns, enticing metallics to simple sporty styles- there is surely something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either! Mix and match your favorite styles for something really fresh and funky.

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