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Great Tools for Home Improvement at has a lot of fantastic home improvement tools for those special projects just waiting to get done. With a large number of durable Black & Decker power tools and other fine brands, Target is the online store for amazing deals and quality merchandise. Single tools, sets, and accessories are all available. If you’ve been wanting to repair that kitchen wall, start your basement conversion, or  finish that bathroom floor, this is the perfect time to visit the store and save up on your valuable cash with Target Promo Code.

Power Drills Galore


Use the Target Promo Code to save extra on Black & Decker drills. With more than a dozen different models to choose from, the online retailer has the drill you need. Make short order of your deck project, the new wiring you’re running in the basement, or that large landscape painting that’s been patiently waiting for you to secure those special anchors in the den wall so it will hang securely.

The Black & Decker 18V Drill with Stud Finder is available at a great price. Use the special stud finder sensor to locate exactly where you should place that drill bit to ensure you go into solid wood and not the air behind the wall. This tool features variable and reverse speeds, and it will ably drill into wood, metal, and plastic. The anti-stripping drill offers a soft-handled grip for comfort and secure handling. It comes with a chargeable battery pack and carrying case. This Black & Decker drill is $59.99 at


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


Make your drill more versatile by purchasing the Black & Decker Drill Accessory Set. Included is a wide collection of tough steel screwdriver bits, drill bits and a socket set. Adaptors and handy carrying case are included. The entire collection is less than $30. The best thing is that this amazingly handy kit can be wrapped as a gift for friends or relatives’ house warming party, which sure will please the host.


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


Electric Saws


Whether you’re a casual home improvement hobbyist or a serious weekend craftsman, you need at least one power saw and probably two. For those detailed, decorative projects, there’s the Black & Decker Variable Speed Jigsaw. Cut at angles up to 45 degrees while you utilize the saw’s sight-line channel to ensure accuracy, making difficult bevel cuts easy. The variable speed jigsaw, which is under $30.00, includes a durable six-foot power cord. Powered by a 4.5 Amp motor, the Black & Decker Variable Speed Jigsaw can handle any job. Make sure you use the Target Promo Code for extra savings at


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


The battery powered Black & Decker BDCMTTS MATRIX Trim Saw, which is at for under $40.00, offers a 3 3/8” saw blade that can easily rip into plywood, two-by-fours, and more. Use this powerful saw to start converting that attic into your in-home office or to build that special craft table for the basement.

 Great Tools for Home Improvement at


One of the most tiring jobs in home improvement is sawing wood with a manual handsaw. It’s hard to make a straight, accurate cut and the repetitive movement wears you down. This Black & Decker Powered Handsaw ($48.99) offers a lot of power with its 3.4 Amp, 4600 SPM motor. Cut through wood, metal, and plastic with this handsaw’s extra tough blade. You can use it indoors and out, easily slicing through wood that’s 2 ¼ inches thick at a 90-degree angle and wood that is 1 and 7/6 inches thick at a 45-degree angle.. Lightweight and easy to handle, you can use this versatile saw to trim hedges and nuisance shrubs outdoors or to take care of home repair chores inside the home. Remember that the Target Promo Code will save you more cash at


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


Tool Sets


For home improvement projects versatile tool sets can be real time savers, as they place a variety of quality tools at your fingertips. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the need to have the right tool for the right job at the right time, you’ll find that frustration relieved with one of these kits. Check out the Target Promo Code and get more savings on Target merchandise.

The 155-piece Apollo Household Tool Kit with 9.6 Volt Cordless Drill, sold at $97.88, is perfect for just about any small household repair. Included is a fantastic collection of screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. There’s also a tough hammer and a lightweight 9.6 volt cordless drill. Every hand-tool is heat-treated and chrome-plated. There’s much more to mention in this kit, and everything fits in one convenient carrying case. Home repair has never been easier. This is at a special price now!


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


This kit features a dynamic 12V lithium drill that’s useful for a range of home-based duties and projects. The drill in the Black and Decker 12V Lithium Ion Project Kit ($79.99) holds its charge for as long at 18 months and the 11-position clutch means there’s no overdriving or stripping of screws. There are 56 hand tools and accessories in this flexible kit, which is all contained and transported in a sizeable tool bag. See what a Target Promo Code can do for you.


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


The adorable package below is especially designed for the ladies looking to get involved in home improvement. The Pink Household Tool Kit is a 138-piece set that is perfect for basic home repair jobs. Featuring a 4.8 volt cordless screwdriver and an array of hand tools, this collection of tools is a great buy. The smartly designed cordless screwdriver has an ergonomic grip, rechargeable battery, and reverse speed setting. The set includes pliers, a wrench, hammer, extra tough scissors and much more. A well-organized carrying case offers molded caddies that will keep your tools in perfect order. This kit is at an absolutely amazing price at under $20.00.


Great Tools for Home Improvement at


Go to Now


It’s the right time to get over to for amazing deals on home improvement items, including a range of electric tools that will make every handyman a little handier around the house. For extra savings use our Target Promo Code. The perfect tools for your home improvement job are online, waiting for you at Take advantage of deep price cuts right now.






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