Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

April 18, 2014Fashion & Beauty

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Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

Wearing flip-flops this summer is a given but that doesn’t mean that you should wear them all the time. You shouldn’t just choose the first shoes you see though. There are things that you need to consider when buying a pair of shoes that would epitomize your summer.


What to consider when buying summer shoes


The first thing that you’ll have to consider when buying shoes for the summer season is how comfortable you’ll be when wearing them. This means that they have to be aerated so as not to cause unnecessary sweating and discomfort on your feet. The next thing to consider would be versatility. The shoes that you buy will have to look good no matter what summer apparel you’re wearing. On a different note, the shoes don’t need to look flashy but they should still look good.


You’re in luck because we’ve selected a couple of shoes and complementing dresses for the summer that would definitely look great on you. These were picked from so you can head on there and use our 6pm coupon codes to get loads of discounts for summer shoes in general and these items in particular.


UGG Australia Delmar sandal

Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

A couple of seasons ago, ballet flats were the all the rage but now we’re going to level things up a bit with a couple of cute wedges. First up would be the UGG Australia Delmar sandal ($64.99) which is currently available at 6pm. Just looking at these would evoke scenes of summer bliss. They’re also quite comfortable since the heel isn’t too high. It’s also an open toe sandal so you wouldn’t have to worry about moisture build up on these cuties. Plus did we forget to mention that these come in cute pastel colors?


Keds Champion Stripe

 Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

For something that’s a little more laid back, then the Keds Champion Stripe is the perfect pair for you. What is more comfy than wearing these cute oxfords for a picnic or a day out with best friends? It might look simple but it gets top marks in the design and cuteness department too! Although the allover stripe pattern gives it that sophisticated look, its design perfectly reminiscent of a summer outing. If you’re looking for comfort, then this should also satisfy your requirements. It has a lightly padded footbed and its rubber outsole gives it unmatched flexibility. Oxfords are a summer necessity after all and the Keds Champion Stripe is exactly the kind that you’ll want to wear. How much does a pair of summer shoes cost? On 6pm’s website a pair is currently going for a very reasonable $25.99.


DV by Dolce Vita Archer

Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

Summer is the best time to look sexy. However, there are people who think that in order to look sexy you need to show a lot of skin. That’s simply not the case. Sometimes looking sexy is just a matter of highlighting those womanly curves. A great way to do so would be by wearing the appropriate footwear.

Who said you can’t look sexy in flats? The DV by Dolce Vita Archer begs to differ. When paired with the right dress or outfit, these flats will definitely draw people’s attention to you. These are also light on your feet so you’ll be able to walk around with these all day long and not feel any fatigue. Slipping it on shouldn’t be a problem with its adjustable buckle closure and thong-style construction. The summer time is for you to relax and the Shoes should help you with that while at the same time make you look sexy. You can get this for $34.99 also at the 6pm online store.


Sperry Top-Sider Westwood

Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

The Sperry Top-Sider Westwood ($59.99) is the perfect example of footwear that initially looks simple but when worn the right way will serve to accentuate a woman’s legs. Oh, and it’s a great shoe to wear for the summer too! It has a fabric lining that’s comfortable for your feet. This is important if you have plans to go out and about this summer. It also comes in two colors: Navy Suede and Bright Rose Suede. The shoes’ design and overall look is sure to encourage a lot of double takes from men and women alike.


Chinese Laundry Hopeful

Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

Now, you could also go the opposite route by wearing heels instead. Heels are without a doubt the epitome of sexy but not all of them are ideal for summer. However, if there was one pair that would surely look good on you for this summer season it would have to be the Chinese Laundry Hopeful. Actually, these heels will make you look good in any occasion. Wearing these will also make your legs look longer and sexier regardless of whether you pair it with a dress or with pants. It’s upper is also made of lace which means that your feet won’t have a hard time breathing. This also helps in avoiding moisture build-up in the feet due to the summer heat. These are currently discounted at 6pm and are now selling at $24.99 there.


Jellypop Dante Boots

 Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

Who says you can’t wear boots on summer? If you want to get noticed walking on the streets then the man-made pair from Jellypop ($44.99) with unique design should do the trick. The open lace closer and faux leather provide the necessary airiness for your feet in summer so you don’t have to worry wearing it all day long. Though the black and tan color is always the perfect pair for any outfits, we encourage you to try out the floral print since it’s pleasing to the eyes and cute to boot. Plus, this statement fashion item also adds a vintage breeze to your whole look and makes you stand out in a crowd of people.


Summer Dress Bonus

 Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

A great dress that would go well with these adorable summer shoes would be the Donna Morgan Rouched Bodice with Dye Cut Bottom. Currently selling for $82.99, this is the perfect dress to wear for the summer season if you want to flaunt your shapely legs. The elaborate floral designs found near the bottom of the skirt also adds an innocent yet sexy vibe to the whole dress that will undoubtedly turn a few heads your way. Aside from that it has a sleeveless design which allows for comfort and breathability especially during the warm summer season.

Must-Have Shoes for this Summer Season

On the other hand, you would also look great when pairing one of the listed choices with a Calvin Klein Hi-Low Printed Chiffon Dress ($67.99). It’s not too risqué but it also is perfect for summer. The sleeveless cut and the high-low hemline provide comfort and a means to deal with the sweltering heat of the summer sun while at the same time showing enough skin to catch other people’s attention. This is also available online at 6pm so if you plan to buy this along with the two shoes then don’t forget to make use of our 6pm coupon codes and get as much as a %90 percent discount on selected items.


You need not spend too much for your summer shoes. All the shoes and dresses on this list are available online at 6pm and a majority of them are currently discounted. We also have 6pm coupon codes that you can use for additional discounts for your purchases. What are you waiting for? Check them out right now!

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