Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

February 17, 2014Fashion & Beauty


Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection


Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Nicki Minaj has style.  She is one of the trendiest artists of our generation, and recently she embarked on a fashion and accessory line that brings her signature look to people like you and me.  Today, we will look at how you can rock the Nicki look just like she does.  From clothing to perfume and nail polish, you can pull of Nicki’s amazing style all while saving big money using our Kmart Coupons, Kohls Promo Codes, and Amazon Promo Codes.



One great thing about the Nicki Minaj collection is all of the trendy clothing.  You can find everything from jeans to dresses, Nicki’s signature denim jackets, and more, and you can find anything from simple colors to Nicki’s outrageous animal and other prints.  Here are a couple of items that you might want to consider.


Nicki Minaj Women’s Bomber Jacket- Mixed Animal Print

Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

This bomber jacket is classic Nicki Minaj and shows off her daring sense of fashion and style.  Definitely not for the shy, it has a loud pattern that simply screams fashion-forward.  Available from K-Mart for only $29.99, it is a great option if you are looking to truly capture Nicki’s sense of style and glamour!


Nicki Minaj Women’s Button Front Jeans

 Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

For those seeking Nicki’s more subtle style, these women’s button front jeans from the Nicki Minaj Collection are also available from Kmart for the price of $29.99.  They offer a dark look with a button fly and skinny legs to show off any figure.  Best of all, they are machine washable so that you can wear them as often as you like.  They are hip and trendy and likely to become your new favorite jeans!


Nicki Minaj Women’s Fit and Flare Blazer

 Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

Last, we take a look at the Women’s Fit & Flare Blazer.  This blazer is designed to flatter any figure, and the jacket offers a slimming look that will appeal to any fashionista.  Far from the daring animal prints that are also part of the collection, this blazer pairs great with a skirt or jeans and can be perfect for the office or a night out with your girlfriends.  It’s also the perfect date night attire, with a semi-sheer top and a fitted look designed to suit your figure just perfectly.  It is available from Kmart for only $39.99.


Nicki Minaj Women’s Dresses

Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

Nicki Minaj is often known with a fashion forward sense that is not only unique but also extremely feminine and incredibly sexy. This Nicki Minaj  Women’s Bandage Dress ($12.60-$34.99) comes in 3 different basic colors according to your preference (black, pink, cobalt blue). The little black dress will flatter your hourglass figure and sure make you stand out in a crowd of people. If you are looking for something more eye-catching, try this Nicki Minaj Women’s Sheath Dress in Harlequin Floral ($29.99). The shoulders with zipped details along with harlequin floral print do a great job in embracing your body and getting others’ attention!

Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

If any of these items or any of the other clothing in the Nicki Minaj collection are something you just can’t do without, why not order today?  Our Kmart Coupons can help you save a bundle on this fashion forward wear while helping to ensure that you are decked out in the very latest style!



 Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

While a great outfit will have you looking fabulous, you can’t really rock the Nicki Minaj look without her signature fragrance.  The Pink Friday Collection is a definite must-have for any Nicki fan or anyone who simply wants to smell great.  Kohl’s offers great deals on the Nicki Minaj perfume collection, with prices ranging from $39.50 to $49.50.  The bottles themselves are a bust of Nicki, making them a great piece of décor for your bathroom, bedroom, or really anywhere, while the fragrance is one that you will love.  The fragrance has notes of jasmine, grapefruit, apple, honeysuckle, and many other sweet aromas and is inspired by her vibrant life and sense of color and style.  If you are interested in buying the Pink Friday Collection, you will find that you can save extra money by taking advantage of our Kohl’s Promo Codes!


Nail Polish

 Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection

Looking to try OPI’s great Nicki Minaj nail polish, but uncertain which colors are right for you?  Why not try this Mini Nail Laquers collection in 1/8 sizes so that you can give multiple colors a try?  The colors in this pack have names that are SO Nicki Minaj, including Did It On ‘Em, Fly, Pink Friday, and Save me.  The cost at Amazon is only $25, and our promo codes can help you save even more.


Rock the Look with Nicki Minaj Collection


If you’re looking for a deeper color that will go perfectly with both business and party wear, then you might want to consider the awesome Super Bass Shatter Shade, also from OPI.  This deep purple nail color looks stylish with virtually any outfit and can be combined with the other colors in the Nicki Minaj collection to create a signature look of your own.  If you are interested in this color, the multi-pack, or any of Nicki’s other nail polishes, you will find that you can save big money by using our Amazon Promo Codes.  We know that you want to look fashionable, but who’s to say that you can’t save a little extra money while doing so?


The Bottom Line


Nicki Minaj is by far one of the trendiest and most fashion forward stars of our generation, and rocking her signature look is a great way to get attention while knowing that you look absolutely fabulous.  From the mild (think denim jackets and button fly jeans) to the outrageous prints and styles, the Nicki Minaj collection offers something special for everyone.  There are dozens of clothing items to choose from so that you can create an entire mix and match wardrobe.  With the Nicki Minaj collection at your side, you have everything you need to look fantastic whether you are going to work or going out for a wild night with the girls.  Add in the trendy nail polishes (with great Nicki Minaj themed names) and her signature Pink Friday fragrance, and you can look and feel just like Nicki herself!

If you are interested in rocking the Nicki Minaj look, let us help.  We can help you save big money on the Nicki Minaj collection with our Kohls Promo Codes, Amazon Promo Codes, and Kmart Coupons.  Let us know what you think of this great collection in our comments section and let us know how much you saved.  Meanwhile, why not share this blog with your fashion forward friends so that they can save on this great collection, too!

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