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Top Worth-Reading Amazon Kindle Books

March 20, 2014Entertainment, Technology

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Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

Finding the right books to read usually depends on the preferences of the reader but if you want to get a hold on the top Amazon Kindle books right now, you will surely find this selection very useful.

For book lovers out there who are always updated with the latest books in the market or those who simply want to enjoy a good read during the weekends, this selection of must-read books must be included in your next-to-read list.


Divergent (Divergent Series)

Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

For those who love the Hunger Games, you might want to get your hands on the first book of the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. The debut author entered the literary scene with the first book in the Divergent series. As a glimpse on the story, it is a dystopian page-turner packed with painful betrayals, stimulating decision-making, unforeseen blossoming of romance and staggering consequences. As the protagonist in the book, Beatrice Prior is currently living in Chicago which is a society divided in five factions with each dedicated to the cultivation of a specific value.

Just like in the Hunger Games, in Divergent there is an appointed day every year where all 16 years old must choose the division they will dedicate their lives to. For the protagonist, she has to choose whether to remain with her family or being her true self, but she could not choose both. As you will read the book, be prepared to turn page by page for an exciting escapade. At the price of $6.99, you will enjoy a fast-paced journey by using our Amazonpromo codes.


The Fault in Our Stars

Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

The Fault in Our Stars is a book by John Green that portrays the life of a young teenage girl diagnosed with lung cancer and attending a cancer support group. In the story, Hazel who is 16 years old is hesitant to be part of the support group, but later on realizes it was a good idea. Among the group, she met Augustus Waters, a young boy with osteosarcoma.

Both Hazel and Augustus embark on a life filled with emotions such as romance, love and sadness in search for the author of their favorite book. For those who enjoy young adult books that are packed with humor and heartbreaking events, this is definitely a must-read book. You will surely cry, laugh and smile while reading this wonderful masterpiece by John Green. The Fault in Our Stars is available in Amazon at the price of $9.99. For a good read that will make you laugh or move you into tears, our Amazon promo codes will truly make your reading experience a memorable one.


Gone Girl: A Novel

Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

As another masterpiece by Gillian Flynn, this book portrays an exciting page-turner about a marriage that has gone terribly wrong. Once you start reading this book, it will keep you drawn in until you reach the end.

Gone Girl is an eclectic combination of incisive wit with refreshingly chilling prose resulting to a page-turning thriller that will surely leave you baffled at each turn of the page. With the characteristic razor-sharp writing and psychological insight, the author delivers a fast-paced, dark and cleverly planned out thrilled that will surely provide you with a good read. You can get the book at Amazon at $10.99 and make sure that you will use our Amazon promo codes for a good discount.


Vampire Academy

Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

If you love vampires, you should read the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. This book is the first novel in the latest series for young adult readers. As a glimpse on what the book is all about, there are three types of vampires – Moroi, Dhampir and Strigoi. You will learn more about these vampires once you will read the book. With this in mind, expect a supernatural action-packed book with all the elements such as action and romance ideal for young adult readers.

Vampire Academy is definitely an engrossing tale that is packed with excitement and intrigue as you turn every page. The book is available at Amazon at the price of $4.99. Do not forget to use our Amazon promo codes to enjoy this thrilling supernatural book.


Inferno: A Novel

Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

If you have read the books by Dan Brown, you definitely need to get your hands on his latest book – Inferno. The book contains all the usual plot elements as expected by fans of the author. Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of symbology travels the globe in search for clues, deciphering symbols and probing through the literature of Dante’s famous poem.

The book starts in Florence which is the treasured city of Dante. The protagonist wakes up in a hospital bed suffering from amnesia. Throughout the book, he has to puzzle together the events that occurred before he was hospitalized and this is followed by travelling to different parts of the world. If you want an exciting book packed with action, historical facts, literature and mystery, this is definitely a must-read book. Inferno is available at Amazon at $6.49. Just make sure that you will use our Amazon promo codes to for an adventure of a lifetime.


Doctor Sleep: A Novel

Top Amazon Kindle Books Worth Reading

With this book, Stephen King brings back the characters and locations of one of his popular novels, “The Shining” in this story portraying the middle-aged Dan Torrance and a special 12 year old girl that he has to save from a tribe of paranormal individuals known as the True Knot.

In Doctor Sleep, Dan Torrance is forced to help out the young girl as well as face his own demons from the past. For those who have read “The Shining”, the book is less disturbing but it is still a gripping and enjoyable read that delivers a conclusion to the story of the protagonist. You can purchase Doctor Sleep at Amazon at the price of $7.99. Make sure that you will use our Amazon promo codes for a thrilling yet fascinating read.

With the selection of these top Amazon Kindle books, you will surely enjoy action-packed, tear-jerking, romance and thrilling events every time a page is turned. Depending on your preferences, these books are great reads for the weekends or to keep you entertained during lazy evenings. By using our Amazon promo codes for your next book, you will surely enjoy a different adventure in every book along with a great discount.