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7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

January 22, 2014Home

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7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Why wait until spring to do some cleaning? When you think about it, winter really is a better time to focus on your home. In spring, you want to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. But in winter, you’re already holed up inside, so why not do something productive?

Reorganize your closets and cabinets. Vacuum those out-of-the-way places. Clean the upholstery and curtains. And while you’re at it, try out some new bedroom decorating ideas. Replace accessories like slipcovers and throw pillows. Maybe even try moving some furniture around. A newly clean home deserves a makeover, and changing up even a few small things can make all the difference in the world.

If inspiration isn’t coming to you, start out with the bedroom decorating ideas found below. These items from Kohls, Target, and Kmart are cute and cheap – perfect for those who want to a home makeover without spending a ton. Of course, you can save even more when you use our Kmart coupons, Target promo codes, and Kohls promo codes on these items and others!


Canon Washable Heated Throw – $24.99 

7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Heated blankets are a luxury on long winter nights. These heated blankets from Cannon are comfortable, stylish, and practical. Machine washable and warm? What’s not to love? The plaid print is adorable, too, and a nice seasonal touch for the winter. Kmart is known for its great prices, but our Kmart coupons mean you can buy this throw for everyone in the family.


 Nate Berkus Wood and Resin Hexagon Tray- $34.99

 7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Target is famous for its high-quality, low-cost collaborations with big-name designers. They teamed up with Nate Berkus for their latest home collection. His designs combine minimalism with exotic prints for accents that are perfect for the modern home. Place this hexagonal tray on your nightstand or armoire and use it to corral books, bottles, even keys and jewelry. Thirty-five dollars may seem like a lot of money for a small piece of décor, but our Target promo codes can bring this item right into your price range and it is a great piece for both aesthetic purposes and for keeping your newly cleaned room looking great.


 Oriental Weavers Emerson Dot Rug – $49.99 to $799.99


7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Roll out a new rug in your bedroom. It’s an easy way to make a big difference in decoration. This Oriental Weavers dot rug found at Kohls has the perfect amount of color to bring some life into a room. Though rugs may seem like a large investment, remember that a rug doesn’t have to fill a large space. Layering smaller rugs is a cheap, unique alternative. Whatever you do, save on this investment by taking advantage of our Kohls promo codes!


 Jersey Knit Sheet Set – $9.99 to $19.99


7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas


New sheets are one of those bedroom decorating ideas that’s usually overlooked. Yet they are great tools for color blocking and tying different colors in your bedroom together. Just be sure to fold them down when you make your bed so everyone can see them! Kmart’s jersey knit sheets come in a number of neutral colors, and the sheets themselves are super soft. Use our Kmart coupons and buy in bulk – you’ll be glad you did.


Threshold Global Storage Cubes – $23.99

 7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Never underestimate the power of a well-placed basket. Woven crates like these wooden storage cubes from Target’s home brand Threshold keep your room organized with a touch of style. Keep one near your nightstand to hold magazines, books, chargers, and any other trinkets you use while in bed. It’ll keep your nightstand clear, and your must-have items in reach. Don’t be afraid to buy multiple baskets. You’re sure to find a use for them. Use our Target promo codes to save on this home essential!


Studio Arts Regal Frameless Mirror – $129.99  

 7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Mirrors make a room look bigger. This is one of those bedroom decorating ideas interior designers swear by. Buying a frameless mirror that blends in with the décor will make your bedroom look magnitudes larger. This Studio Arts Frameless Mirror from Kohls is super chic, not to mention practical. (Who doesn’t look in the mirror every day?) Ordering mirrors online is surprisingly easy – all you have to do is pay a little extra for shipping. Keep costs low with our Kohls promo codes.


 Jaclyn Smith Arbor Blue Decorative Pillow -$19.99

7 Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorative pillows are an absolute necessity in bedroom design. They make your room look cozy, and draw your eye to areas of interest. Don’t be afraid to buy whatever pillows catch your eye. Mixing patterns and shapes makes for great design. This decorative pillow from Jaclyn Smith’s Kmart collection has a soft, feminine design that matches most color schemes. Save on this pillow and others found at Kmart with our Kmart coupons!

Also, just in case you plan to stick with wallpapers which are not only various and colorful in patterns but also easy to change whenever you wish for a new bedroom look, you can always take these unique and stylish wallpapers at into consideration.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to keep a home up to date. The secret lies in accessories. Keep large furniture and walls in a neutral color, such as white or tan, then bring in personality with throw pillows, mirrors, and other small items. That way, your large investments get more use out of them, and you can afford to change color schemes and other design elements more often.

You’ll also find that most bedroom decorating ideas incorporate some kind of storage into their plan. It makes sense, too. You hold a lot of stuff in your bedroom, and it’s easy for things to get lost in there. Once you finish cleaning, you want to keep it that way. Buying storage items that can be left out in the open make this easier. It also wouldn’t hurt to buy a few closet organizers, such as a shoe rack.

With these simple ideas in mind, your winter redesign is guaranteed to be a success. In addition to feeling the satisfaction of a clean home, you’ll be happy to surround yourself with new décor. When shopping online, remember our Kmart coupons, Kohls promo codes and Target promo codes . When you save money, you can afford to redecorate every season!