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Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon

January 11, 2014Entertainment

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The year 2013 had been filled with innovation, thrill and surprises in almost every field. All those reader who had their fingers crossed for the best seller books announcement can now celebrate as amazon has finally compiled the top best seller books of 2013. Here we are talking about the adult best seller books including fiction and non-fiction both. The amazon promo codes for all the books in the list are available. You can simply go online search for your favorite from the best seller books, select your e-book and buy it using your amazon promo code. This will give you a good discount on the price of newly released book.

Fiction has been the love of book readers since ever. The last year best seller books had “fifty shades of grey” on top, which is a work of pure fiction. This modern romance was written by James Eliot. The book is a must read if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet. You may use your amazon promo code for this splendid piece of writing. It is worth it.

This year also the top rankings have all been dedicated to fiction. The first five best seller books are fiction and then the non-fiction gets a chance. Dan brown, Khaled Hosseini and J.K. Rowling have made it to the top with their world renowned and acknowledged writing skills.

Amazon calculates this best seller books list by considering the kindle edition and print sales of the books. Not to have you waiting more here are the top 10 best seller books of 2013 and you have the golden opportunity to get handsome discounts on them using your amazon promo code.



 Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon


Dan Brown has been a favorite with his previous works of The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and the Digital Fortress. All of his books have almost made it to the best seller books list. In his latest book his past hero from the Da Vinci Code “Robert Langdon” is back to continue his mystery trail in Italy.Are you a Dan brown fan? Get your amazon promo code now and spend it for your favorite writer.


And the Mountains Echoed

 Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon


Yet another inspirational work by the Afghanistan based writer by Khaled Hosseini. His previous book The Kite Runner which had been pictured received various awards and acknowledgements. In his latest book he again has set a story in Kabul, Afghanistan and has built it with great storytelling skill. The book starts with a father narrating his life to his two sons. Do not waste time thinking, go online and avail your amazon promo code for this fantabulous piece of art from Khaled.


The Cuckoo’s Calling


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon


J.K Rowling has made a comeback with a fictional name this time. Her past harry potter series had made it to best seller books in every listing. This time the writer has made a crime story The Cuckoo’s Calling. The story is based on a super model and her mysterious murder.J.K Rowling has managed to pull it off this time as well. You should be grabbing your amazon promo code to get this amazing work of fiction.


The Husband’s Secret


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon

Liane Moriarty has succeeded in writing a splendid novel that has made it to this year’s best seller books list on amazon. The story is about a husband and his dark secret which he intends to reveal to his wife in a letter form after he is dead. However the wife finds the letter way before he dies. Wondering to spend your amazon promo code and get a discount on this book?


Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon


Sheryl Sandberg uses her feminist thoughts to help and empower women by giving them advice on leadership in her latest book. The book has made clearly to the best seller books list and waits for you to use your amazon promo code to get a copy for yourself. Sandberg is currently the chief operating officer at Facebook.


The Hit


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon

David Baldacci has managed to get his name in the best seller books list this year. You may buy this book at a handsome discount by utilizing your amazon promo code today. The story is about a professional assassin-Robie who works for the federal government of the U.S. Robie is supposed to stop Jessica another assassin working for his agency from bringing any harm to the state.

Sycamore Row

 Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon


John Grisham is the writer of “A time to kill”. His latest book is a fancy read and is worth spending an amazon promo code. The story is about racism and family disputes after the head of the family commits suicide by hanging himself from a sycamore tree. His hand written will creates tension between a black maid and the rest of the family members.


Entwined with You


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon

Sylvia day has succeeded in completing her third sequel of the crossfire series and has come up with a scorching romance in her latest book. The main characters Gideon and Eva get even more time to make love in the latest version. It is a stimulating read and you will enjoy the book if you could only spend your amazon promo code to buy a copy for yourself.


Never Go Back


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon

Lee child is the author of the Jack Reacher series and has made this time to best seller books owing to his master work in Never Go Back. The story is about an ex-military cop who has to clear his name and needs to find his captain for doing so. The book is an amazing read and deserves spending an amazon promo code on it.

The Storyteller


Top 10 Best Seller Books at Amazon


Get your amazon promo code now and spend it on the rewarding read by this amazing author. Jodi Picoult has been in the best seller books list for the first time but he truly deserves to be. This book is a story about and an unexpected friendship between a baker and an elderly man who supports the baker in overcoming his mother’s death.