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Fashion Tips: Business Casual for Men

January 7, 2014Fashion & Beauty

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Fashion tips Business Casual for Men


Performing well at high-powered meetings and consistently adhering to deadlines is a great way to get yourself noticed at work. However, there’s one aspect of job performance that many of us neglect: presentation. A well put together work outfit could be the deciding factor on whether or not you get that promotion.

Dressing for work is easy in a suit-driven environment, but knowing what to wear in a low-key business setting can be challenging. We’re here to help with some fashion tips to help you pull off business casual for men.

Here are our 3 must-have items for your work wardrobe.


A Crisp White Shirt

 Fashion tips Business Casual for Men

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Never underestimate the value of a good-quality, white button-down shirt when shopping business casual for men. This garment has the ability to instantly elevate any outfit from too casual to business ready in the blink of an eye.  Just make sure that your white shirt is made from a traditionally formal fabric, such as cotton. Try the Croft & Barrow Slim-Fit Solid Dress Shirt (Kohls – $32) for an elegant and reasonably priced option. The button-down collar helps the shirt maintain a clean pressed look while the slim fit flatters most shapes.

Fashion Tips:While a white shirt will always look super chic when paired with brown or navy chinos (6pm – $39.99), it will also let you get away with wearing jeans into the office. Simply combine your white dress shirt with straight leg jeans to achieve a trendy business casual look. Select a dark wash style for added sophistication, such as these slim Calvin Klein Jeans (6pm – $42.99). Finish this outfit with a pair of brown or black loafers (we love the tan Dockers Proposal Slip on Loafers from Kohls – $75) and a plain leather belt (Ebay – $6.95).


A Vest

 Fashion tips Business Casual for Men

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A vest is another staple when it comes to the best business casual for men options. Not only do women love them, but they also add a hint of charm and sophistication to any outfit. Others suggest that this seemingly innocuous garment also gives an impression of intelligence. When selecting a sweater vest, steer clear from preppy or distracting patterns. Instead, opt for a single colour – preferably something neutral, like brown, black, grey or navy. We recommend the Nautica 12 GG Solid Vest (6pm – $43.99). Made from super soft cotton, it feels every bit as luxurious as it looks.

Fashion Tips: A sweater vest will compliment a number of different outfit combinations. If you’re looking for a way to get more wear out of your button down white shirt (see tip 1), place a sweater vest over the top for fashionable, layered look. Add a slim tie, like the no fuss Apt 9 Solid Skinny Tie (Kohls – $34) in black for added interest and a touch more presentability. Finish with a pair of chinos in a contrasting colour. For example, if your sweater vest is brown, choose black or navy pants, such as the sexy tailored Vivienne Westwood Man Washed Chinos (6pm – $176.99).


 A Sweater

 Fashion tips Business Casual for Men

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Another item that is perfect to mix and match with the rest of your new wardrobe essentials is a dark coloured sweater. Of course, not all sweaters are created equal. To suit the business casual for men niche, your sweater needs to be of a fine knit and fit you perfectly on the shoulders. An overly large garment will give an impression of sloppiness and lack of professionalism. The Shades of Grey V-Neck Sweater (6pm – $39.99) is a great example of a business appropriate sweater, as it boasts a slim fit and sports a classic v-neck line, making it as appropriate for a business lunch as a dinner date with your girlfriend. Keep to sedate hues. But, for a pop of colour that won’t compromise your look of sophistication, try plum or maroon.

Fashion tips:A fine knit sweater is another item that can easily be combined with the other wardrobe staples we’ve discussed. It looks best with semi-rolled sleeves, on top of a white or pale blue skirt. You can reuse your new chinos for this look or you can buy a second pair in a slightly gutsier colour. Check out these striking yellow chinos by Tommy Bahama (6pm – $54.99) for an edgy change of pace. Just add a plain belt and a pair of semi-dressy shoes, like the classy leather Born Thayer Oxfords (6pm – $42.99) to complete the look.


With these three super versatile garments, you can mix and match to create countless outfits that are ideal for both work and play. Just keep our fashion tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the business casual for men look. If you are looking for shoes that can be worn for both formal and informal events, check out these famous brand shoes available at 6 p.m for a wide range of men’s footwear.

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