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Inexpensive Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

January 24, 2013Valentines Day

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Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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So you are broke and maybe not working. You may have some unpaid bills to take care for and you are worried about treating your spouse to a romantic Valentine’s Day. You want to do something special but you have run out of ideas, you have come to the right place. Here I will tell you how you can save on your Valentines Day date and still have a romantic time.

Valentine’s day morning

Whether or not you live together your can arrange this. Better yet, a surprise especially if you don’t live together. Works best for tropical climates or temperate zones. A sunrise breakfast on the mountainside or on the beach. You know your location best and you know from where the sun will come up. Timing and preplanning are very important as you take into consideration the distance to the location, what you will be packing in your breakfast basket and how best to have them out of bed and ready to go.

Here is what I would do if I don’t live with my beau. The breakfast would consist of coffee or tea, cheese sandwiches, muffins, fruits such as grapes and watermelon (or fruits of your choice), and a mimosa which is champagne mixed with orange juice. If you are a man and you plan to propose this is the ideal setting.

Getting them out of bed is the next deal. It doesn’t have to be hard. If you drive, all you have to do is turn up about ten minutes prior to the starting time you set, knock on the door and tell them to get dressed! Don’t tell them where you are taking them until you get there.

Remember to pack the blanket for laying on the ground or two portable folding chairs and a folding table. If it’s cold out, you need extra blankets or cloaks to keep warm.

Valentine’s Day all day date!

If you are both free for the entire day this will work great! Plan a day of inexpensive activities. Don’t start too early because you don’t want to tire or get bored too quickly. Start the day’s date at around ten in the morning. Here are some of my ideas, replace than with yours if you like.

  1. Start your day with coffee or tea at the corner bakery. This will be coffee and pastry.
  2. Follow up with an excursion to see some places in the city or town you have never really noticed before. If you live in a small town, then walk. If you live in a large city, driving would be more appropriate. You have to plan where to see. There must be some historic buildings or ruins near you. Take a camera with you!
  3. Follow up with your local museum, or an aquarium or the zoo.
  4. By the time you are done it should be time for lunch so don’t rush it. Why not have lunch from a snack stand and sit in the park? Or by the pond and feed the pigeons?
  5. You will spend an hour or more in the park so it should be close to say three o’clock by then. Is there a hiking trail near you or a pier? Now is the perfect time to take a nature walk, holding hands and stopping to kiss occasionally.
  6. The next two hours should be spent in the spa. Not expensive. You can choose to get a facial, a massage or just a manicure or pedicure. Choose a spa with a package deal that is not so expensive. Use coupons if available.
  7. You should be heading back home by now to prepare your own dinner. Both of you will cook and set the table with candles and some flowers. If you live in a tropical or temperate zone, dinner on the terrace or balcony will be perfect, so long as the weather is fair.
  8. Spend the rest of the evening watching a romantic movie in each other’s arms.

A romantic dinner for two


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Panviman-Group [CC-BY- 3.0] via

It is always easier to surprise someone when they are not living in the same house. If you live apart you can plan on making dinner but don’t let them know that.

Here is the plan:

Invite then to dinner. Tell them you are taking them to a restaurant. You are planning to pick them up to make it easier. When you are on your way, let them know you have to stop by your house to get something you forgot. Please invite them in and viola, the table would have been set, but don’t leave the candles lit. You will light the candles when you get there.

If not just tell them you are cooking them dinner and they will still love it!

Dinner tips:Serve a full course meal which is minimum five courses.

  • First course does not have to be elaborate. Here is a cheap Hor D’oeurve idea. One slice toast. Trim the edges and cut into four. Lay a slice of cheese (cut to fit the piece of toast), a two inch piece of bacon and a black grape held together with a tooth pick. One slice of toast will make four, two for each of you.
  • ¬† Second course is a light soup. Serve this in a cup. You can use chicken stock to make this, just add some carrot and puree. No more than a cup is needed. Use a low sodium broth. Serve with craked pepper.
  • Third course is your lighter meat which is usually fish or other seafood. Poached salmon is great.
  • ¬†Fourth course is either chicken, pork or beef. Grilled chicken breast is also great for this.
  • Fifth course is your dessert.

You will have served each meat course with vegetables and a starch. You can serve the seafood with steamed veges and the chicken with a potato. Your desert is your choice.

Valentines day dates can be inexpensive, romantic and very special. You don’t have to spend a lot to say “I love you”.