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3 Romantic Proposal Ideas for your Girlfriend

February 9, 2014Gifts, Valentines Day

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend


Girls are a weird specie whether they admit it or not but each one of them dreams of the big wedding day since their childhood. Every girl wants to be treated like a princess and expects her partner to be prince charming.  While most of girls admit it that the most thought of day in their lives is their wedding others might deny it. Some girls tend to be tom boys and never act like a girl. They rebel against the social norms and tend to be very boyish in their ways and acts. They would even dress up as boys in the early stages of their lives. But with the passage of time every girls turns into love seeking princess who awaits her perfect guy that will come and kneel down to her, take out a ring and utter the sweetest words her ears have always desired to hear.

Every girl wants her love story be to like a love song and the marriage proposal to be most romantic proposal idea. This is an event that will come only once in life so it should be very special and well thought out. It is not important for the proposal to be extravagant but it should be a romantic proposal idea.Spending a lot of cash will not guarantee a yes from her side. Boys think that they will propose their beloved when they have a lot of cash so they can arrange a very special celebration at the time of proposal. It is not however the case.


Proposal Rings at amazon

All your proposal needs is an elegant ring and a true heart that desires her. You can get classical rings of all types at Amazon and Kohl e-stores.  Though they have a wide variety of rings to choose from,  these followings are worth taking into consideration. Remember to use Amazon discount codes to save on your money!

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

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Do not delay your proposal

If you have a girlfriend and you haven’t still proposed to her do it before someone else does. You may be waiting for the right time but remember time is never right or wrong it is you who makes it right. The best time to propose someone is the lover’s day. The month of February has started and the universal day of love is drawing near. What are you waiting for? You will not find a better occasion than the Valentine’s Day to propose your ever loving partner. Even if you are not up for marriage yet you can still ask her consent and tell her how important she is to you by proposing her on this special day.


Marriage rings sale at Kohls

The best part is that there are amazing sales on proposal rings on various e-stores like Amazon and Kohl due to valentine’s season. among which is Kohls promo code .


 3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

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3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend 

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And just in case you find these diamond rings are too much to afford, you can check out these cheap alternatives to engagement diamond rings to make the most sensible choice of your and your partner’s life.


Know your girl

You may look for romantic proposal ideas on the internet and ask your friends and family for most romantic proposal idea but the truth is that no one knows your partner better than you. A romantic proposal idea is the one that is tailored specially for your partner. You understand them the best, you know their choices and preferences. You will know her likes and dislikes because you love her. It is therefore important to have a romantic proposal idea that will impress her. Tell them how much they mean to you by coming up with a well thought out romantic proposal idea that will touch her heart. Here are top three romantic proposal ideas for proposing your girlfriend on this 14th February.


The Champagne Ring

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

It is one of the most romantic proposal ideas in the world. It has been practiced in many movies and dramas. Many writers have mentioned the champagne ring in their story when the hero finally gathers the courage to propose to his heroin. It is best advisable to do it at a quiet place. It should be a place where it is just the two of you enjoying a candle light dinner looking each other in the eye. You can put a diamond ring you bought from amazon discount codes in a champagne glass and present it to her. You may also stem the ring you bought by using your kohls promo codes with a ribbon. The day you propose your beloved make sure the dinner is cooked by you. It does not matter whether you are a good cook or not. To cook well all you need is do it from your heart.This will show your partner how much they mean to you and that you would always go an extra mile for them.


Dine out at her favorite restaurant

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

You can also include this in your romantic proposal ideas list. Take your girl to her favorite restaurant on the Valentine’s Day for dinner. You can arrange with the waiter to bring a dessert tray after you have eaten and place the ring box in the decorated tray. The ring can be easily bought at a handsome discount by using your amazon discount codes.  There is a huge sale at amazon and kohl’s at all rings and accessories for upcoming 14th February.


Chocolate Lovers

3 romantic proposal ideas for your girlfriend

If your girl loves chocolate then your romantic proposal idea can easily be decided. Most of the girls adore chocolate but you will know her favorite as you know her the best. You can wrap the ring in an attractive cover and make it the most shiny and decorative among all the other candies. You may buy this ring at kohls by using your Kohls promo code that you have saved until now. This is the best time of the year to propose your girlfriend. It will be the best moment of her life when she finds out the ring you bought by using your Amazon discount codes wrapped among the candies.