The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

April 24, 2014Entertainment, Kids

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The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

Why You Should Read Your Kids Bedtime Stories

Reading is one of the most important skills a child has to develop. One of the best ways to encourage your child to read is to read them bedtime stories. A recent government study proved that children who are read in a daily basis did better in school and were more behaved.

It also helps your three year old widen his/her vocabulary by introducing new words. You can urge him to ask about things he does not completely understand so you can clarify it. It is a good idea to let your child come up with the answers himself. When you do this, you are nurturing your child’s ability to think logically and creatively.

Moreover, bedtime stories allow you to bond more with your children before they head to dreamland. After a long day at work, or doing house chores, there is nothing more comforting (aside from a soft pillow and a cozy bed) than a downtime with your children.
These moments with your little ones are a great opportunity as well to talk to them about life issues, which oftentimes are embedded in bedtime stories. You can answer questions about love or death without sounding like you are giving them a sermon.

Whether you are a new parent or have had three children, bedtime stories will surely make your nights a little less stressful, and more enjoyable. We got you amazon and coupons so you start reading all-time favorite bedtime stories that we found for you and your angels.

Babies and Toddlers

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

It is not too early to start reading to your babies. In fact, it is even recommended for pregnant women to read out loud to their unborn child. You can begin this educational routine as early as four months because your baby can already hear and recognize your voice at that age.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages
Reel off timeless tales like The Ugly Duckling that teaches your child to appreciate herself, and the Grasshopper and the Ant, which instills the value of working hard. The hardcover Bedtime Story Book by Jen Wainwright ($8.16) has all the classic stories from your childhood that you can pass on to your child.

The tales included in the book have different messages, which could help your child in future handle situations that they are not familiar with. Stories like The Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs warn your kids about strangers, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf leaves a strong lesson about the consequences of lying.

You can continue reading to him or her after you have given birth, and this time he will be more responsive to you. Reading bedtime stories to your kid will develop his listening skills faster than some children who have not been exposed to reading.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

During the toddler stage, getting your child to behave and listen can sometimes be challenging. Engage your child -with visually-entertaining books like Leslie Patricelli’s board books. Relish your little girl or boy’s adorable antics like pulling your cat’s tail or learning how to use the spoon with one of Patricelli’s book No No Yes Yes ($6.29). Also, board books are appropriate for kids at this age since they cannot rip the pages apart, unless yours is a superman (which most of them are).

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All AgesAnother wonderfully written board book is The Crown on Your Head by Nancy Tillman ($7.19). This book emphasizes how special we all are with its beautifully painted pictures and carefully selected words, which makes it a perfect bedtime partner.


The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

If you have only heard of terrible twos, then you need to brace yourself for what comes next. Your struggle with your kid’s ever growing curiosity, which seems to be toying with your patience all the time, is not over yet. Most kids at the age of three to four are always full of energy, and getting them to bed at night may as well be one of the most challenging tasks in your life.

Fortunately, bedtime stories for kids are available to save you from the almost impossible task of putting your kids to bed. Reading a story or two helps put your child’s energy at rest and tones it down, which prepares them for what comes next, a sound sleep.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages
There are many bedtime stories for kids that you can choose from for this age, and we got you the best ones. Sandra Boynton knows exactly what preschoolers need to fall asleep, and came up with the 1997 board book titled Snoozers: 7 Short Short Bedtime Stories for Lively Little Kids ($0.75). It colorful pages, and picture tabs, which indicate each of the story in the book, will keep them occupied, and should put them to bed without a fuss.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

Another favored bedtime story book is Richard Scarry’s collections, which includes a hard cover of Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever! ($10.47). This book has about 290 pages that comprise a wide variety of bedtime stories for kids, nursery rhymes, and activities you and your kid can do together.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages
If your kids love Disney movie characters like Simba, Pinnochio, or Mike Wazowski, then they will also love them in books. Lull your kids to sleep with the Disney Bedtime Favorites (Storybook Collection) Hardcover ($9.06), which comes with about 250 colorful illustrations, and artistically-presented pages.

This is also a chance for you to know their energetic and headstrong preschoolers better so you can adapt to their behavior. Ask them about what they think about the characters in the story, and let them contemplate about the morals of each tale. You will be surprise how brilliant your kids are with their answers.

Two-wheeler five year olds and up

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

Your little kid is no longer little, and wants to do most of the stuff he enjoys on his own. He will want to pack his backpack, take a bath by himself, and for some, read his favorite books on his own. When your child reaches six, his preference would also change since he has a more advanced language skill.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages
Since six year olds are now more self-reliant, and even more inquisitive, you can opt for mystery books that encourage him to think outside the box. Reading materials filled with adventure and mythical creatures are definitely a sell-out for kids this age. The Sasquatch Escape (The Imaginary Veterinary) Hardcover by by Suzanne Selfors ($15.99) has everything you need to keep your little boys and girls hooked on books. It has dragons, perilous exploits, and every other ingredient for a page-turner bedtime story for kids.

The time spent reading books to your children is time well-spent because they will definitely appreciate the value of reading books later on. You can also expect to grow closer to your children, and communicate better with them as a result of your bedtime practice.
The books you read shapes how you think, and relate to the world. Therefore, as a parent, it is absolutely important that we supply kids with books that will help them develop not only their cognitive abilities but also positive values they need in life.

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